10 Signs Your Ex Is Going To Come Crawling Back To You

Do you ever wonder if your last boyfriend would come back for another shot? Just because he doesn’t make it obvious that he’d like to be with you, there are indications that he’s still interested. It’s totally up to you to either view these signs as good fortune or as warning signals to change your number and boost your social media privacy settings. Either way, here are some signs your ex is going to come crawling back.

  1. He saw you with another guy and looked mad AF. Guys are pack animals. When some other guy is making moves on their woman — or someone who used to be their woman — they become territorial. So if your ex happens to see you walking hand-in-hand with some other guy and looks like he’s about to blow his top, it’s probably sparked thoughts in his head of how silly he could have been to let you go. At least he was right about something.
  2. Your breakup was in the heat of the moment. Not every breakup is logical and decided on with a clear head. Maybe you and your ex got into a fight and one of you shouted out that you should go your separate ways, so the other agreed. There could be a reason for this quick decision but if not, chances are once the anger has fizzled and the forehead veins have stopped throbbing, they’ll be replaced by the feelings you have for each other.
  3. He’s dragging out the breakup. Another breakup-related sign to look out for is if he can’t seem to let go. He’s still eager to discuss what went wrong, why things happened the way they did, and so on. He might send you long texts or emails, trying to get closure while he’s really engaging with you about the breakup. Chances are he might even (and this is my favorite) write or call to tell you that he’s not going to write or call anymore. Yeah, right. He’s just trying to scare you into thinking he’ll be gone for good.
  4. He finds excuses to see you. He calls you up and asks when he can swing by your home to pick up some of the stuff that’s still at your place, but come on. He could have easily asked his mate to fetch the dying pot plant he never even looked at when you were living together. He’s clearly missing you.
  5. He shares #TBT messages about you. You log onto Facebook or Instagram and see your ex has posted some memory of the two of you when you were really happy. He might even do it more than once. Seems he’s feeling nostalgic about your past and isn’t afraid to share it with all his followers. He’s hoping you’re going to ‘like’ this.
  6. He’s the one initiating contact. While you’re busy AF and getting on with things, your ex is the one who initiates contact with you. But what separates the bored guy who texts you from the guy who wants a second chance with you? The quality of your interactions. If he asks for your opinion on things, he’s still valuing what you think. Another sign: if he asks what’s going on in your love life or tries to put down any guy you talk about.
  7. He sends ‘Hey, what’s up?’ texts out of the blue. Initiating contact in the form of these annoying texts shouldn’t give you the wrong impression that he’s not interested — why should your ex be sending you these unless you’ve agreed to stay mates? Guys sometimes send these to test the waters and see if you’re interested. He might not be looking for a relationship but there’s definitely something there. Once you reply, he’ll get into proper conversations that show he’s interested.
  8. He’s bumped up contact to regular calls. Okay, now he’s made some contact with you, but after a while, he’s going to take it up a notch if he’s serious. This will likely take the form of calling. He’s making a serious effort here because these days people are more likely to butt-dial than call someone intentionally.
  9. He apologized for what happened. He has owned up to mistakes he made in the relationship and has taken full responsibility for them. He’s been open and clear about this with you, and apologized. He might even have said he’s working on becoming a better man. Ooh. He’s hoping you can wipe the slate clean and take him back. Of course, his actions need to align with his big talk.
  10. He’s time-traveling back to the good times. He’s transforming into the guy you met, displaying all the qualities you fell in love with while avoiding any mention of the crappy times you guys experienced. He’s hoping you can go back to that happy place, but just be sure not to wear rose-tinted glasses — it’s easy to forget all the bad times and valid reasons that made you break up in the first place.
Giulia Simolo is a writer from Johannesburg, South Africa with a degree in English Language and Literature. She has been working as a journalist for more than a decade, writing for sites including AskMen, Native Interiors, and Live Eco. You can find out more about her on Facebook and LinkedIn, or follow her on Twitter @GiuliaSimolo.