10 Signs He’s Planning To Propose Soon

10 Signs He’s Planning To Propose Soon ©iStock/kaisersosa67

It probably feels like everyone around you is getting engaged right now. That’s because Christmas pretty much doubles as engagement season, so it’s actually kind of true. The reason they overlap makes sense — you’re probably going to be at home and surrounded by family, so what better time to propose or be proposed to? So how do you know if this year will actually be the one? Here are 10 things that usually happen when someone plans on proposing:

  1. He’s suddenly on a serious budget. Rings are expensive, so it makes sense that he would be a little tighter with his money around this time. If you notice that he wants to go out less and stay in more and is much more vocal about being frugal, then your ring just might be on its way.
  2. You’ve had “the talk.” Many proposals don’t just come out of the blue — there’s a discussion about where you see your future going as a couple. A timeline might even come up on when you plan on walking down the aisle. If the talk has covered marriage (or even hinted at it) marriage, then he could be about to make a move.
  3. He’s been disappearing or acting kind of shady. Of course this could be a red flag for bad things like cheating, but it also could be a good sign that he’s trying to plan a good surprise. Hopefully he’s better at hiding things so there’s no drama before the proposal, but sometimes guys find it tough.
  4. He seems more focused on family than usual. Marriage is usually about blending your families, so it would make sense if he wants to have more outings with your parents. Sometimes they’ll get them alone to ask for their blessing, while other times it could be to get help on planning the proposal or getting the ring. Either way, this could be a good sign.
  5. A trip or big anniversary is coming up and he has secret plans. This is a pretty big sign that you might have a fiancé very soon. Trips and big anniversaries are popular times to get down on one knee. Make sure you have a nice manicure for that picture of you showing off the ring!
  6. He’s paying closer attention to the jewelry you like. It’s tough to buy an expensive gift like a ring and get it right without the person’s help. If he’s all of a sudden paying attention to what you wear and asking questions about your preferences, then he’s definitely looking.
  7. He loves talking about your future together. People tend to shy away from talking about the future when they’re feeling unsure. If he’s confident enough to propose, then he isn’t breaking a sweat.
  8. He’s been much more romantic lately. The proposal is probably not going to be the first romantic gesture a guy will do to get you to say yes. He might be planning more dates, being more intimate, and just seems more attentive all-around. All of these could be signs that he is building up to the big question.
  9. He actually took you to “just look” at rings. Not everyone would be up for shopping with their partner for their engagement ring, but could you blame him if you wants to just know what you’d like? This is pretty much a given that it’s coming and all you need to do is wait.
  10. When seeing a proposal, he asks your opinion on it. He just “happened” to come across a proposal video on YouTube and needed you to weigh in. Would you be up for a proposal at a sports event? What about at dinner? If he seems to be feeling around for a clear answer, then that might be a sign.
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