10 Signs He’s Way Too Immature For A Relationship

When it comes to dating, a guy’s age doesn’t matter as much as his ability to act like a grown man and handle an adult relationship. Just as there are young guys who have a maturity beyond their years, there are also plenty of grown men that act like kids in the worst ways possible. Here are 10 signs he’s way too immature and just not ready for a relationship — at least not with you:

He can’t express his feelings.

It’s pretty much impossible to be in a relationship with a guy who can’t express himself, because how are you ever supposed to know what he wants or where you stand? He needs to figure out who he is before he can fully invite anyone else in.

He picks fights over nothing.

 If he’s trying to fight with you about the ingredients in a box of crackers or last night’s episode of The Walking Dead, you can’t really expect him to listen to you about the big stuff, either.

He doesn’t want to commit, but he still wants you.

 A mature man will be able to express why he doesn’t want to be with you and won’t lead you on. The immature guy is a commitment-phobe who has no idea what he wants, so he resists making decisions about the relationship at all.

He tries to make you jealous.

No immature man would be complete without the jerk quality of wanting to make you jealous. He doesn’t want you to feel too comfortable, so he makes sure that you’re aware of how many other women are after him. He loves that you worry that he could potentially leave at any given moment.

He gets jealous over the littlest things.

At first it’s sort of cute when a guy gets fired up about your ex boyfriend, but that gets old pretty quickly when he’s legitimately angry that the guy just liked your photo on Facebook.

He puts you down.

No man of any kind should ever be purposely trying to make you feel bad. Mature relationships mean discussing issues and being accountable for your actions, not listing out your worst characteristics for no reason.

He breaks plans all the time.

He might be pretty good at making plans, he just can’t follow through with them because he starts to feel stuck and like he isn’t in control. He’ll try to show that he is by breaking plans last minute, because he has “more important” things to do.

He doesn’t listen to you.

The childish man is self-involved. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about your sandwich or your mom, the dude should be paying attention. If he doesn’t show interest in your life at all, then he might not be ready to be sharing one.

He’s overly and irrationally emotional.

You thought you had some crabby tendencies, but this guy acts pretty much just like a hungry toddler ready to melt down in completely sporadic moments.

He’s constantly letting you down.

If you have normal expectations and boundaries with people, no one should be letting you down on the regular. If everyone in your life is letting you down, that might have something to do with perspective, but if it’s just him… it’s just him.

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