10 Signs He’s A Narcissist Who Only Loves Himself

So you’ve found the man of your dreams and you’re ready to devote yourself to him heart and soul. How do you know if he’s ready to do the same for you? Before you let yourself fall head over heels, check to see if your guy does any of these things. If he does, the bad news is that he may love himself more than he’ll ever love you.

  1. He takes selfies, like, all the time. Okay, we all love a good selfie. Watch out, though, because if your guy is constantly interrupting your sparkling conversation to take them, it’s a clear sign that he thinks rather highly of himself—especially if the photos are just of him, not the two of you. Someone who cares more about how they’re coming across online than to the person sitting right opposite them just isn’t worth your time.
  2. He doesn’t prioritize you. How difficult is it to get a date with your guy? If he blows you off with excuses or won’t commit to a date, chances are he’s never going to be the type of guy to put your needs first. If he’s not making sure he has time to see you or putting in the effort to plan awesome dates, is he worth your time?
  3. He spends all his time on his phone. Nothing holds up a glaring red flag saying “I’m not interested” quite like a guy who spends all his time on his phone. When you’re together, no one should be more important to him than you. It’s hard to know whether to be more insulted if he’s texting other people or just playing Angry Birds. Either way, one thing is clear: he doesn’t respect you enough to give you his full attention.
  4. He never texts you first. The only thing more frustrating than a guy who spends all his time on his phone is when the same guy doesn’t bother to text you when you’re apart. I mean, come on, you know he’s practically glued to the thing, so he’s clearly seen your messages and not made the effort to reply. A guy who makes absolutely zero effort to contact you first is too confident in his power to have all the girls running to him. Don’t give him the satisfaction.
  5. He has a man bun. A man bun tells you a worrying amount about a guy: you know right away that he follows fashion, thinks about what he looks like, probably owns at least one styling product, and may make your messy bun look a bit sissy. A guy this clued up on his appearance may be nice to look at but will likely spend more time worrying about that than thinking about you.
  6. He takes longer to get ready than you do. Whether or not he’s whipping his luscious locks into a man bun, a guy that takes longer to get ready than you is pretty suspect. You want the first thing he says when he sees you to be “You look stunning” not “Does my butt look big in these skinny jeans?”
  7. He’s a mama’s boy. If your guy is Mommy’s favorite, be on your guard. Nothing massages an ego quite like being told how brilliant you are over and over again from the moment you’re born. Not only will a mama’s boy put himself first, but you know his Mum will be way higher up in the pecking order than you as well.
  8. He can’t laugh at himself. Most of us look for a sense of humour in our love interests, but is your man able to laugh at himself? If the answer is no, it could be that he takes himself way too seriously. Being able to take a joke shows that he can accept he doesn’t have to be perfect all the time. If not, that carefully crafted persona could get old pretty quickly.
  9. He hogs the conversation. In conversation, do you feel genuinely listened to or are you struggling to get a word in edgeways? If he’s doing all the talking, what he’s really saying is that his opinion matters more than yours. A guy that puts you first will make time to hear what you have to say and show you that he’s listening.
  10. He doesn’t take the time to get to know your interests. When you care deeply about someone, you want to know everything about them—what do they like and dislike, who else matters most to them and what are their hopes for the future? If a guy isn’t taking the time to get to know what’s important to you, there’s a good chance he isn’t planning on sticking around. You deserve someone who cares enough to get to know everything about you, not a guy who’s more bothered about number one.
Isobel is a freelance blogger and writer for hire specialising in content for millennials who haven't quite got it together yet (i.e. herself). When not glued to her laptop, she enjoys eating cheese, doing yoga and spending time with family and friends.