10 Signs You’re Going To Grow Old Together

When you think you’ve finally found your soulmate, that’s when stuff gets real. Will you spend the rest of your lives as a couple? Will you actually get to grow old together? If things are meant to be and you work hard on keeping your relationship strong, it totally can. Here are 10 signs that growing old together could totally be in the cards for you:

  1. Your souls just seem to click. Can you finish each other’s sentences? Do you think alike? Are you always on the same page? If you can’t put your connection into words, it’s OK — it’s that strong, it’s beyond description, and that bodes well.
  2. You still find him just as attractive as the first time you met. Do you remember those butterflies you felt the first time you saw him? What about that rush of intense longing and desire you felt the first time you touched? Contrary to popular belief, these feelings are not only supposed to last, but they’re only meant to get stronger with time — shocking, I know!
  3. You can sit in complete silence with each other. There is actually such a thing as comfortable silence, and there definitely should be with your long-term partner. Let’s be real — even the most talkative person will eventually run out of things to say, so if your silence “feels right”, he’s a keeper.
  4. You take care of yourself (without being too selfish). If you’re not your happiest, then you’ll make your partner miserable. Be yourself, do things that make you happy, and avoid negativity. That will make you the best possible partner.
  5. You take care of each other. Whether it’s writing love notes or not holding a grudge after a fight, remember to stay in touch with his feelings and needs. Be his biggest cheerleader and push him to become their best self. Do this and you’ll never go wrong, so long as he’s doing the same for you.
  6. You secretly love his quirks. We all have them, but if they’re more endearing than annoying, it’s probably true love. If you can’t help but smile when he practices his little idiosyncrasies, you should hold onto him.
  7. You do little things to make each other smile. From a guys’ night out to giving up the TV remote, whatever little thing makes him smile, you’re happy to do (and he’s the same for you). Willing to make even the smallest compromises will go a long way in keeping your relationship alive and well.
  8. When things get tough, you don’t run away or shut down. Bad things happen to good people — they just do. From death to losing jobs to facing serious illnesses, something bad will eventually happen in your relationship. You have to be willing to stay by each other’s side and remain open no matter how tough life gets (and trust me, there will be some pretty dark days). You’ll manage to make it through if you stick together.
  9. You have a deep understanding of and trust in one another. If you can depend on him with your life, you’re golden. Life will get messy, and a deep understanding of one another and complete trust will help make it better. Whether you’ve been together for six months or 60 years, it’s just better to have a partner who understands and trusts you.
  10. You can’t imagine your life without him. You can’t live without him and don’t want to. You can see your future and he’s in it. Basically, you can’t picture being with anybody else. If you both want this, then surely you’re going to grow old together and it’s going to be great.
A lifelong writer, she hopes that her writing will inspire others as much as it inspires her to write. Through different and difficult life experiences, she feels passionate about helping others find their happiness through healthy relationships. While still single herself, she is open to trying all forms of dating which in turn helps feed her advice to other singletons. She is wise beyond her years and looks forward to touching the lives of others.