7 Relationship Tests Any Couple Should Be Able To Pass

When you first enter a relationship, you devote a significant amount of time to making sure the relationship flourishes. Once you get past the honeymoon phase, you realize that it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Relationships can be difficult, but completely worth it if it’s the right person. Life places obstacles in your way and it’s your job to overcome them as a couple. Here are 7 relationship tests that any couple should be able to pass:

  1. The friends test. Guys have the whole “bros before hoes” rule, but girls have the female version of that (i.e.”sisters before misters”.) The one thing that we need to keep in check when entering a relationship is making sure that we don’t abandon our friends. If your friends don’t like your new dude, then take this as a small warning sign. Similarly, if you don’t like his friends or if they don’t like you, then there could be big problems down the road.
  2. The family test. Blood is thicker than water. Maybe you can cruise by with knowing that your friends aren’t particularly fond of your new love interest, but what about your family? If this is a serious relationship, then you should be slightly concerned if your family doesn’t approve of them. Maybe they’ll warm up later on, but if not, this may be an issue in your future.
  3. The travel test. They say that the best way to get to know your partner is by traveling with them. Creating memories, going on adventures, and exploring new places can be an integral part of your relationship. Teamwork is important, and being able to work together as a team when traveling can teach you a great deal about each other.
  4. The distance test. I’m sure that many of you have heard the saying, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” Well, hopefully this is true for you and your significant other because if not, bad things can result from it. Being able to be apart, yet still having that love and loyalty to them is a huge test. What if they have to go on a work trip for a significant amount of time, or vice versa? Learning to live without them is just as important as learning to live with them.
  5. The trust test. Trust is one of the building blocks of any successful relationship. Without trust, neither of you can ever be at peace. A lack of trust can lead to jealousy, anger, fights, and even cheating. Without trust, your relationship won’t go very far and the loss of trust is even more difficult to get back.
  6. The moving in test. A huge milestone in any relationship is the moment you decide to move in together. Whether you’ve been dating for a year, 5 years, or are recently married, there comes a point when this decision changes the entire course of your relationship. Living together exposes everything, so make sure you’re ready and keep in mind that it won’t be easy.
  7. The time test. Time defines all. It takes time to fall apart, time to heal, and time to grow. Not every couple has the same timeline though. With some couples, it could take years, and for others maybe only months to decide whether or not the relationship is going to be a forever one. Again, only time can tell.
Lindsey is a Digital Advertising Professional and Freelance Writer based in New York City. In her spare time, she enjoys running, traveling, and drinking ridiculous amounts of coffee. Follow her on Twitter @lindseyruns