10 Texts He Sends You If He’s Only Interested In Hooking Up

You’re kinda sorta seeing a guy but you have no idea what’s really going on between you. One minute he’s trying to take you from behind and the next he’s taking you out for a romantic dinner — WTF? Does he actually want to date you or does he just want to sleep with you? Well, if he’s sending you any of these texts, he’s probably only looking for a quick hookup:

“What are you wearing?” He doesn’t really care about your outfit — he just wants to know what color your bra and panties are! He’s horny, and instead of watching sex online, he wants to envision you. It’s a compliment, right? Nah. Your job isn’t to stimulate this kid — that’s what Sports Illustrated is for. Sorry to burst your bubble, but he’s only interested in knockin’ boots.

“Wanna come over and chill?” We all know what that means. Be honest — have you ever gone to a guy’s house and chilled? Probably not. “Chill” is code for “have lots of sex” but for some reason, guys think we’re fooled by this. If he asks you this, you can pretty safely assume that he’s got more on his mind than watching Netflix for a few hours. The night might start with a binge-worthy show but it’ll end in between his sheets.

“I’m just trying to have a good time.” Did he outright tell you that he’s only looking to have a good time? RUN! Seriously, this guy’s only got one thing on his mind. He doesn’t want a relationship, he doesn’t even want to “date” — he’s looking for a friend with benefits (emphasis on the benefits). This is the kind of guy you hang out with when you want a kinky night, not a long term romance.

“What are you doing later tonight?” Later tonight? Why not right now, this afternoon, or even this evening? It’s 9 a.m. on a Saturday, and he only wants to see you “later tonight” — he just wants to hook up (or he has some sort of sensitivity to light). If a guy was really interested in you, he would ask, “When are you free today?” He wouldn’t care if it’s later tonight or in 15 minutes — he just wants to see you! Not this guy, though; he just wants to see you naked.

“Hey Sexy ;).” The winky face says it all, does it not? Personally, I’ve never been a huge fan of the word “sexy” — it makes me feel like Kylie Jenner, when in actuality I’m going for Kate Upton. He can call you beautiful or even cute, but if he’s calling you sexy, he’s probably thinking of 15 different ways to do you (especially if he includes that winky face). I mean, you can’t spell sexy without sex!

“We’re at the bar — you should come out.”  If he’s texting you last minute to see if you wanna meet up, he clearly couldn’t care less if you actually show up. Don’t get me wrong — he likes spending time with you, but ultimately, he’s just trying to score. He’s hoping you’re drunk and in the mood for a good hangout session. Why else would he be texting you after hours? He had all day reach out to you but chose to remain silent.

“When’s the last time you had sex?” Um, excuse me?! When’s the last time YOU had sex, you little pervert? This guy has no shame! He’s as eager as a teenage boy — his only interest is hooking up with you! Most guys lay on the charm pretty thick when they’re only trying to sleep with you, but not him! He’s too busy seeing how loud he can scream “PENIS!” without drawing attention to himself. Way immature.

“Have you ever had a friend with benefits?” Now, why would he be asking you a question like that? He’s either genuinely curious or he’s planting the seed for his next question — I’m going to go with the latter. He wants you to be his FWB, but he doesn’t want to take your FWB virginity — hence why he asked about your past. He wouldn’t want you to make the rookie mistake of getting too attached when it’s supposed to be casual.

“I like you, but I wanna take things slow.” More like he wants to take things stagnant. Obviously, he can tell that you’re not the kind of girl he can just hit and quit (bravo to you), so he’s found a happy medium — he’ll “date” you, but in description only. He’s pretending so you’ll be more willing to have sex with him, and that pretty much makes him a loser. If he’s not willing to take on any boyfriend roles other than that of your sexual partner, he’s a mess.

He constantly texts you late at night. This one isn’t something he says, it’s something he does. If a guy’s texting you after 9pm, be suspicious. I don’t care if he’s asking about work or what happened on “Game of Thrones.” The point is, he’s texting you at night! Guys are at their horniest when the sun goes down — they’re basically like wolves, on the prowl for fresh meat. Of course, not every guy who texts you at night is trying to get into your pants, but most of them probably are, so beware.

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