10 Things A Guy Will Never Do If He Really Likes You

Trying to interpret everything a guy says — and more importantly, everything he doesn’t say — can get exhausting. Dating has a way of turning even the most laid back girl into an anxiety-ridden, obsessive over-anaylzer in no time. There are some things that guys do that completely defy logic, but there are others that are a clear sign that, well, he’s just not that into you. As hard as it can be to navigate dating these days, sometimes guys will give you the signal that he’s not interested. All you have to do is pay attention. If he really likes you, he definitely won’t do the following things:

Take forever to text you back, every time.

Some people aren’t big texters, and that’s fine. But they’ll either call, or make solid plans to make up for their lack of text conversation skills. If he lets hours go by before he’ll answer a simple question, he probably just doesn’t want to talk to you.

Flirt with other girls in front of you.

If he can’t seem to stop staring at the waitress’ boobs, or he offers to buy another girl a drink when you’re standing right there, you have your answer. He doesn’t like you like that, and he wants you to know it.

Disappear and reappear without explanation.

Basically, he calls you when it’s convenient for him, and the rest of the time it’s like you don’t even exist. Everyone is busy, but if he likes you, he’ll make an effort to keep in touch, because he wants you to know he’s still interested.

Make you feel bad about yourself.

Everyone has a type, but if he ever hints that you should eat less, wear different clothes, or change your hair in order to become his type, he’s not worth your time. If he doesn’t like you how you are, then he doesn’t like you. Period.

Blow you off at the last minute.

Obviously unexpected things come up sometimes, but if a guy is constantly cancelling plans, it might be because he just can’t be bothered to make an effort to see you. If he goes so far as to stand you up (like, you’re already at the restaurant and he suddenly doesn’t answer your texts or calls), it’s really time to forget about this guy.

Ignore you in front of his friends.

If a guy seems more interested in what his friends think about him than making sure you’re having a good time, he’s either a 21-year-old bro pledging a frat, or he doesn’t care if you stay or not. You could sneak out during your next bathroom break and he wouldn’t even notice.

Not bother listening to you.

You told him multiple times that it was your best friend’s birthday on Saturday, but it never seems to stick. He probably doesn’t even remember her name, let alone the location of her party. He’ll probably just booty call you later that night and be confused when you don’t answer.

Overcompensate with compliments.

If he thinks the way to get in your pants is empty flattery, he’s sorely mistaken. It’s easy to fall for a guy who knows how to turn on the charm when it’s appropriate, but if he picks and chooses when to be a nice guy, he isn’t actually a nice guy.

Pressure you in any way.

A guy who’s into you wants you to be comfortable. He wants you to like him back. If he pressures you to have sex with him or do anything else you don’t want to do, he doesn’t really care what you want. He only cares what he wants.

Lie to you about his intentions.

If he has to lie to get what he wants, he doesn’t really care about the consequences. He wants instant gratification and he’ll do anything he has to to get it. Whatever happens after that is of no concern to him.

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