14 Good Morning Texts Women Would Love To Wake Up To From A Guy

Texting is too easy, impersonal, and the lazy man’s way of keeping in touch, but that doesn’t mean having a message to wake up to in the morning goes unappreciated, especially when it’s from someone you’re absolutely nuts about. If you’ve ever had the opportunity to wake up to one of these good morning texts from a guy, consider yourself lucky.

  1. “Good morning, beautiful.” This is one of those standard good morning texts that still packs a punch. Does this one even need an explanation? I mean, who wouldn’t want to wake up to the surprise of someone telling you that you’re beautiful first thing in the morning when your breath is disgusting, your hair is nearly pasted to your scalp, and last night’s mascara is smudged down your cheeks? It’s flattering coming from anyone, but it’s even more wonderful when it’s from the guy you’re head over heels for.
  2. “I miss you.” It’s nice to know that your S.O. notices when you’re not around, isn’t it? Obviously you don’t want him to be sad and sulking around, but it’s still comforting to know that he does miss and cherish your company. This is his way of checking in with you even when you find yourselves spending time apart and it’s adorable.
  3. “Wish I was waking up next to you.” Aww. He’s just said exactly what you were thinking. It’s nice to know you’re in sync with each other. While you enjoy the time you spend apart, you both naturally find yourselves missing being together, and that’s exactly how it should be.
  4. “This movie/song last night made me think of you.” Even when he’s doing something completely unrelated to you, you manage to invade his thoughts. This is one of the signs that he really, really cares about you. If he sends you this text, the movie or song in question is irrelevant because he’s thinking about you regardless of whatever else is going on in the background.
  5. “I hope you have an amazing day.” The simple act of someone telling you to have a great day is likely to subconsciously increase your chances of having a great day. We could all do with a little morning boost to get ourselves charged up and ready for the day ahead and this is basically the best one ever. HELL YEAH, you’re going to have an amazing day, thanks to him.
  6. “You’re already on my mind and I’ve just woken up.” There’s a good chance he has woken up with a hard-on and is thinking about you (and most definitely your body). But there’s always the chance he just can’t stop thinking about you because he’s just THAT into you. Either way, it’s nice to know you populate his thoughts (and it’s not like you haven’t woken up thinking about him in that way either).
  7. “I love you.” At the end of the day, don’t we all just want to feel loved? Isn’t that what’s most important? Being told that you’re loved is the best feeling in the world, no exceptions. When you wake up to a text from your favorite guy saying he loves you, your day is already a diamond one.
  8. “You look amazing. I know I can’t see you, but you always look amazing.” Okay, so this one is borderline stuffed crust kinda cheesy, but depending on the kind of girl you are, this can also go down a treat. It’s up to him to know his audience. This isn’t just a compliment on your naked, first thing in the morning I-woke-up-like-this, look, it’s a compliment on every look you’ve EVER had since you started dating. Well done, boyfriend, well done.
  9. “I woke up smiling and that’s because of you.” This one is guaranteed to make you smile just as much as he is! It’s a great feeling knowing you’re one of the reasons for someone else’s happiness, especially when that someone is the one you deeply care about. Ugh, you know it’s corny but you’re smiling too hard to care.
  10. “Kick ass today and show the world the awesomeness that I see.” Because who doesn’t need a bit of a pep talk first thing in the morning when it’s cold & dark outside and you frickin’ hate your job. It’s lovely to know that your guy is cheering you on and that he sees just how special you truly are. Sometimes we all just need a little reminder.
  11. “I can’t stop thinking about last night.” Obviously this one is only appropriate if you actually saw each other, but if you did and things got a little steamy, it’s nice to know (not to mention a major ego boost) to know that he enjoyed himself enough to still be thinking about it the next morning. This is one of the nicest (and hottest) good morning texts you could get from him.
  12. “How did I get so lucky?” If you’ve been dating for a while now and you feel like you know each other really well, it’s so lovely to know that he truly likes the person you are and appreciates being with you. Not that he would ever take you for granted, but knowing he feels lucky to be with you is a whole other level of love and respect.
  13. “I can’t wait to see you again.” Of all the good morning texts he could send you, this is one of the most exciting. You might be far enough along in your relationship that getting together again soon is a given, but if things are still pretty fresh and you’re in that nervous stage of feeling uncertain about whether or not he likes you as much as you like him, this should assuage your fears.
  14. “I felt so good waking up this morning and that’s down to you.” Again, how sweet is this? He makes you smile pretty much every second of the day, so much so that you sometimes feel like an idiot because you can’t wipe the grin off your face. Knowing that he’s on the same page and that you’re making him happy is the best feeling in the world.

Why good morning texts are so special

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  1. They let you know you’re on his mind. This is perhaps the most obvious reason every woman loves getting good morning texts. We tend to fixate on the people we date and they dominate our thoughts, but we also often feel alone in that obsession. Knowing that we’re not and that he’s thinking of us too is a major relief.
  2. They strengthen the bond between you. While texting shouldn’t be a replacement for real communication, it’s a great way to keep in touch when you’re not in the same place. Good morning texts keep up the connection between you and help you build upon it, especially since these texts come through during those quiet moments before the day really gets started.
  3. They indulge your romantic side. You might consider yourself a really practical person and swear that you’re not really a hopeless romantic, but be honest with yourself. A part of you loves these little messages because they express affection in a really sweet, fairytale-like way. There’s no shame in that!
  4. They make you feel like a million bucks. As I’ve mentioned before, knowing you’re on his mind and that he’s thinking all kinds of lovely things about you is a serious ego boost and makes you feel like you’re on top of the world. You leave the house feeling like you could accomplish absolutely anything and it’s pretty damn amazing.
  5. They’re a great way to start the day. What could be better than waking up, checking your phone, and seeing a message from your crush/sorta-boyfriend/long-term partner saying something sweet to you? Suddenly, having to get up, get showered, and go to work doesn’t see so bad, especially since you’ll likely have a good night text to look forward to later as well.
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