10 Things Adventurous Women Need In A Relationship

Adventurous women are hard to tame, but we still want and deserve love — it’s just hard to find a guy who can match our free-spirited ways. If we’re going to be happy with a guy, here are 10 things that all adventurous women need in a relationship:

  1. Someone to travel with. Sometimes we need to get away. We might not have a reason why, but our wild hearts need to roam and we’ll need someone who can keep up with us whenever we want to hop the next plane to anywhere.
  2. Someone who has just as many hobbies as we do. We get bored easily and we’re typically running in a million different directions. We like to stay active and we have many hobbies. If you’re boring and just enjoy sitting around all the time, then please move on.
  3. Someone who won’t hold us back. If you’re going to try to stop us from doing whatever it is we set out to do, then the relationship just won’t work out. Free spirits can’t be held back, so in the words of Miley Cyrus, “I’mma do my thang.”
  4. Someone who supports our ambitions. One of the biggest things that women need from our partner is support. We need you to be our number one fans and the peace of mind in knowing that you are behind us for all of our dreams and ambitions, just as we’ll be for yours.
  5. Someone who admires our free spirit. In any relationship, you need to accept the other person regardless of their flaws. Even more so, your partner should actually love your flaws in a way. Instead of someone seeking to fix us or tame us, we want someone who truly admires our free spirit.
  6. Someone who isn’t uptight. Being on edge every time we do something isn’t exactly the most comforting feeling. If we’re going to be be scolded for our actions, then you’re going to lose us, so don’t even bother. No relationship can thrive if the other person is too uptight or too overbearing.
  7. Someone who trusts us. Trust is a key ingredient towards making any relationship work. Without trust, a relationship can’t grow because there;s always going to be some level of fear, doubt, or hesitation from both sides. It’s a two-way street, so if one person doesn’t trust the other, there’s no way it’ll work out.
  8. Someone who won’t judge us. As adventurous women, we can sometimes make questionable life choices. Our spontaneous, impulsive nature can drive anyone up the wall, but just don’t judge us for it.
  9. Someone who’s able to protect us if something bad happens. In lieu of these questionable life choices, we’ need a strong anchor to pull us back up and ground us. We need to be able to rely on you, to count on you, and know that you’ll be there to catch us when we fall.
  10. Someone who’ll love us no matter what. Despite our wild side, we still need love. At our core, we’re in the relationship as much as you are. So love us, be there for us, and embrace our adventurous nature.
Lindsey is a Digital Advertising Professional and Freelance Writer based in New York City. In her spare time, she enjoys running, traveling, and drinking ridiculous amounts of coffee. Follow her on Twitter @lindseyruns