10 Things You Do On Social Media That He Hates (Not That You Should Care)

No one can tell you what you should post on your social media profiles, but there are certain faux pas you’d be better off avoiding, especially if you’re single and looking for a relationship. Here are some things you might be guilty of that’s totally turning guys off (at least the guy I talked to about it).

  1. Posting quotes or song lyrics pertaining to the fight you just had If you post a quote on Facebook that you love, that’s cool, but if its a quote that is clearly aimed at your boyfriend and it’s the morning after you had a big fight? Yeah, guys don’t like that. It’s kind of embarrassing to let the whole world in on what’s going on in your lives—and everybody else knows it’s about him too.
  2. Going a little too far for your cause If you’re raising awareness for a charity or cause that’s close to your heart, that’s awesome. However, when you’re ranting and raving or taking selfies with period blood smeared on your face, most dudes are just not into it. Guys like girls that are passionate but not crazy.
  3. Getting into arguments—especially with people that don’t matter If you’re commenting on people’s posts or arguing with people that you don’t even know, guys are probably going to roll their eyes. If you’re getting into it with people you don’t know on Twitter, they’re going to wonder what else you’re going to argue about—the waiter about your food? His mom about how to pour the wine?—and why you have nothing better to do with your time. You don’t have to agree with everyone about everything, but every situation doesn’t call for your opinion either.
  4. Promoting your newest MLM venture Guys don’t want to read 10 posts a day about how awesome your new cleanser, essential oils, or fake eyelashes are. It clogs up their feeds and it makes them think you’re just in it for the cash, which comes off as kind of fake. It also makes them doubt your intelligence since so many of these schemes are clearly a scam.
  5. Posting a picture that’s clearly meant to show your body but getting angry when men comment on it Yeah, guys see this as super manipulative and it kind of is. It annoys them when you post a picture that has tons of cleavage or is showing your body but then get angry when people comment about your body. They think you probably posted the photo to get compliments/validation but then you’re cherry-picking what kind of comments are acceptable. You should definitely post whatever kind of selfies you want on your profile but maybe don’t be surprised when the responses vary.
  6. Posting an opinion that he doesn’t agree with If you’re on opposites of the political spectrum or disagree about something major, then posting about it could turn guys off or make them lose respect for you. For some reason, it comes off as more annoying that when it comes up naturally in conversation. That being said, this is NOT a reason to avoid voicing your opinions. If a guy’s not feeling it, you’re obviously not compatible.
  7. Going on and on about your weight/body image issues If you’re feeling particularly unhealthy, most guys don’t want to read about it on Instagram or Facebook. It makes them start to wonder if you really are unhealthy, not to mention how low your self-esteem is. And they also don’t want to hear you complain about other people’s weight, either. That goes for both being overweight or underweight. It just makes you look jealous or judgmental.
  8. Posting an abundance of selfies There’s nothing wrong with posting a cute selfie when you’re feeling yourself and/or your new outfit, but if you’re posting tons and tons of selfies, guys might think you’re just looking for attention, either because you’re feeling sad or lonely or because you’re a narcissist. Guys can usually smell desperation even through your SnapChat filter. Whatever your reason is for posting so many, it isn’t something they want anything to do with.
  9. Chatting with another guy If you’re constantly commenting on your ex-boyfriend’s photos or your ex is commenting on yours (and you’re responding), the current guy in your life is likely to feel a little hurt. At the very least, he’ll wonder why you feel the need to be so chatty with other men.
  10. Posting tons of photos of the same thing They just don’t care when you post nine pictures of your dog in similar poses or 148 vacation photos. They want to see one or two cool ones and then keep scrolling. It’s best to highlight a couple that you really love instead of posting them all because let’s face it—they just aren’t going to look at all of them.
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