10 Types Of Obnoxious Guys You’ll Find On Tinder

10 Types Of Obnoxious Guys You’ll Find On Tinder ©iStock/Georgijevic

If you’re using Tinder to find love online, just know that there are guys who may not exactly be on the same page as you. In fact, some guys seem to be there purely just to annoy the hell out of you. Here are 10 types of obnoxious guys you’re sure to find on Tinder:

  1. The guy who only has pictures of him and his friends. Yes, it’s nice to show off the fact that you have a lot of friends, but how are we going distinguish you from them? We haven’t met you yet, remember?
  2. The guy who only has pictures with other girls. Of course, because the way to a girl’s heart is by making her jealous with other girls? No.
  3. The guy who has too many selfies. There’s nothing wrong with a selfie or two, but if you only have photos of yourself in a mirror or laying down, making the duck face, then you’re clearly too obsessed with your looks.
  4. The guy that starts a conversation that leads to nowhere. We’ve all had that conversation that starts with, “Hey what’s up?” and just completely ends with “Nothing much.” So, what happened to the rest of the conversation? Why say anything at all?
  5. The guy that never actually wants to meet. There’s always that one guy that you’re dying to meet constantly keeps rescheduling on you or is “too busy.” If he wants to meet, then set a date. If not, he needs to stop stringing you along.
  6. The guy who straight-up asks for sex. That good old “DTF?” message is the one that we all dread. Unless, of course, you really are DTF. Then, congratulations — you’ve come to the right place.
  7. The guy that looks nothing like his photos. This happens far too often. Everyone looks a bit different from their photos, which is why dating websites or apps are always a gamble, but if you can’t even recognize the guy in person, there’s a problem.
  8. The guy you matched with who never sends a message. It’s always intimidating to be the first one to send the message, especially for women, because we don’t want to chase a guy or look too desperate. But we all have those idled matches who remain completely silent in the limbo of matches.
  9. The guy you keep coming across time after time. Have you ever deleted and re-deleted Tinder, but then noticed that every time you get back on, it’s the same exact people? Have we run out of men?
  10. The guy with no face. This guy is purely there for comical reasons. He only puts up photos of cats, memes, or some other ambiguous picture. Sometimes, though, these guys get lucky enough for a girl to actually respond out of humor and that’s exactly their angle.
Lindsey is a Digital Advertising Professional and Freelance Writer based in New York City. In her spare time, she enjoys running, traveling, and drinking ridiculous amounts of coffee. Follow her on Twitter @lindseyruns