11 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Proud To Be With You

You’re an amazing catch and you should be with a guy who knows how lucky he is to be in your life. Not only that, but he should be excited to have you in his. Here’s how you can tell your boyfriend is proud to be with you and that he cherishes your amazing relationship.

  1. Pictures of you two are all over his Instagram. It’s not a requirement to be on his Instagram, but it’s pretty nice. If he’s thrilled to be with you, your face will be on his social media somewhere. Whether he randomly posts a picture of just you for his “Woman Crush Wednesday” or he has lots of pictures of the two of you together, he wants the world to know who his lovely girlfriend is.
  2. You’re Facebook official. Again, being Facebook official isn’t a requirement for a proud boyfriend, but it sure is a sign that he wants the world to know how lucky he is. It sends a message to any other ladies that he’s off limits and that he’s committed to his wonderful girlfriend. He also knows his friends can click through to creep on you and he doesn’t mind at all because you’re awesome.
  3. You’ve met his closest friends. Casual flings really aren’t taken to meet the guy friends, but you know the two of you are the real deal. He adores you and he wants his friends to meet you so that they know who he’s so nuts about. You’ve gone ahead and met his closest friends, so there’s no need to guess how serious he is about you.
  4. You meet someone in his life and they say “I’ve heard so much about you.” Not only have you met his friends and those who are important to him, but upon meeting them, they utter these words: “I’ve heard so much about you.” This is a great sign that your boyfriend is incredibly proud to be with you. He’s gushed about you to his friends so much that they feel like they know you before they even meet you. Isn’t that sweet?
  5. He talks positively about you when you aren’t around. You can tell how he talks about you when you meet people in his life. If they seem to have a positive impression of you, chances are that he’s been singing your praises. It’s a clear indicator that he’s proud to be with you when everything he says about you to others is super positive. Obviously, this is the case —he thinks you’re the bomb.
  6. He mentions your name when he’s talking on the phone. When you’re with your proud boyfriend and he gets a call, he isn’t vague about what he’s doing. He doesn’t answer the phone saying, “I’m with someone.” Instead, he always says your name because the people calling him already know all about you. Why would he be vague? He’d rather low-key brag about being with you.
  7. He acts the same wherever you are. He’s super cuddly when it’s just you two and he’s also very handsy when you’re in public or around others. He’s all about power PDA because he absolutely adores you and doesn’t care who knows it. In fact, he happily displays public showings of affection because you’re a catch–he wants to show the world you’re his.
  8. Pride is evident by the smile on his face. Anyone could tell how proud he is to be with you by the giant grin that’s plastered on his face when you two are together. He thinks you’re absolutely wonderful and he’s pumped to be in a relationship with you; it’s written all over his face.
  9. He remembers things that you tell him. You talk to him about things that matter to you because you trust and love him. You two talk about matters big and small. After telling him about a relatively small concern you had, you expect him to forget, but he asks you about it later or knows exactly what you’re talking about when he brings it up. He’s thoughtful because he adores you.
  10. He’s your biggest cheerleader. He knows the ins and outs of what’s going on in your life. You share the struggles you’re facing and your triumphs. Your proud lover is the first to cheer you on. He’s got the biggest metaphorical pom-poms around. He truly believes in your ability to succeed and he’s out there supporting you every step of the way. Studies have proven that people with cheerleader-partners are much happier in their relationships.
  11. He’s aware of your flaws but sticks around anyway. Your lover isn’t silly, he knows you’re a human being with imperfections. He’s seen your flaws come out to play and they didn’t make him run the other way. Instead, he chooses every day to stay because he’s proud of you and loves you in spite of your flaws.
Ginelle has been writing professionally for more than six years and has a bachelor’s degree in digital marketing & design. Her writing has appeared on Birdie, Thought Catalog, Tiny Buddha and more. You can follow her on Instagram @ginelletesta, via her Facebook page, or through her website at ginelletesta.com.