11 Things That Upset Hypersensitive Women

11 Things That Upset Hypersensitive Women ©iStock/cipella

Everything hurts my feelings and I take everything personally. It’s not a great characteristic to have, especially when people constantly remind me how overly sensitive I am. While I recognize that some of the things I get upset over are completely ridiculous, here are some things I can’t help being offended and upset by, and that plenty of other hypersensitive women will relate to, as well:

  1. When anyone says anything about my weight. Seriously? So rude. I don’t care what kind of “advice” you’re trying to give me — don’t comment. I’m not only talking about bigger girls here, either. No one has the right to comment on anyone else’s body.
  2. When someone insults a member of my family or close friends. I’m so close with my family and friends that if someone says anything about any of them, I take it very, very personally. Those people are my tribe. Don’t ever insult the tribe.
  3. When someone is short with me. Is there anything worse than one word answers? Or someone who has zero patience for you? Don’t think so.
  4. When someone breaks plans last minute. I hate when people do this. I like to stay busy and social, so when someone tells me last minute that they can’t make it after I just spent an hour on my hair, I’m going to be upset.
  5. When I’m not introduced to a group of people. This happens all the time, and deep down I know it’s often an accident, but it still drives me nuts. When a person you’re with runs into old friends and you’re standing there and they don’t introduce you, it’s awful.
  6. When I don’t get the job. What did I do wrong? Do you hate the font on my resume?
  7. When I’m the butt of the jokes. My aunts and cousins constantly make me the center of their jokes because I’m the party girl (aka cool one) in the family. While I know it’s all in good fun, it still bothers me. There’s more to me than knowing where the $5 margarita specials are, guys!
  8. When someone doesn’t say “thank you.” That’s manners 101. YOU’RE WELCOME for opening the door for you, sir.
  9. “I like your hair better blonde…”. That decision is up to me. I look good with both hair colors, Mom. If I don’t ask for your opinion, please refrain from giving it.
  10. When someone doesn’t laugh at my jokes. I’m funny. Laugh, minions, LAUGH.
  11. When I’m not invited somewhere. I suffer from FOMO almost on a daily basis. If everyone gets the text to meet at the local bar and I don’t, usually a snappy bitchy text to all of them from me follows.
Shelby is a New England girl who loves mimosas, edamame, new bras, and her Yorkie, Jack.