Perfect Christmas Gift Ideas For Every Sign Of The Zodiac

Perfect Christmas Gift Ideas For Every Sign Of The Zodiac ©iStock//Eva-Katalin

The holidays are coming up soon, and if you’re in a relationship, that means that you are going to have to get your other half a present or two. If you’re anything like me, you might have a hard time figuring out what to get your friends, family, and boyfriend. Thankfully, the stars are here to help us out. Here are some perfect Christmas gift ideas for every sign of the zodiac:

  • Aries. If there’s one thing this star sign loves, it’s something action-packed. Aries are natural “do-ers,” and will want to have a gift that allows them to experience something new and interesting. A gift like reservations to a ski lodge, or a new favorite sports equipment set will definitely please this naturally enthusiastic sign. Aries also are known to love colorful gifts, so a bright scarf or other accessory could do the trick if they’re not sports fans.
  • Pisces. The Fish are perhaps the most thoughtful and people-oriented sign out there. These super-sensitive folk love anything that shows that you care, so handmade items or a special romantic vacation is definitely a good way to go. Of course, you can also make this creative star sign happy with something that really gets their imagination going, like a good book or a new paint set.
  • Sagittarius. Sagittarius people have a heart afflicted with wanderlust, and that goes for both men and women of this sign. Anything related to travel, whether it’s a bicycle, car accessories, a quick overnight stay, or even a night out on a dinner cruise ship will make them happy. If you can’t get something that will allow them to experience a new slice of life elsewhere, a documentary on an interesting location can do wonders, too.
  • Taurus. Though they’re known for being down to earth, Taurus folk are major lovers of luxury. Over-the-top romantic gifts such as champagne and chocolates will please both male and female Bulls. That being said, designer clothing, expensive colognes, and anything that involves fine dining will work out well with them, as well. Actually, anything involving a certain level of hedonism will make them happy as clams.
  • Capricorn. Oh, Capricorns! This star sign is by far the most practical of the zodiac, which means that they will love any gift that they can use on a regular basis. Capricorns also tend to be lovers of tech gear, which means that buying them a Kindle or any other highly useful gizmo will most likely elicit a great response. Since many Capricorns are also pretty interested in programming and other techy skills, getting them membership to a makerspace or an online school can be good, too.
  • Virgo. Virgos are the creative version of Capricorns. They love practicality, form, and function. They also adore anything that will spark their creative side. Put the two of those attitudes together, and it’s safe to say that they’ll really appreciate anything that’s highly efficient, or that allows them to add a new creative spin to things. Kitchen gadgets, DIY kits, bar tools, and any form of beautiful decor will do the trick.
  • Scorpio. Scorpios love getting gifts of any sort. In fact, they’ll often end up giving themselves gifts while out shopping for their friends! However, just like their star sign, they love to have a little mystery in their lives. This is a sign that lives for puzzles and anything that can make them look more mysterious than they already are. Oversized sunglasses, Rubik’s Cubes, or even a neat little videogame will definitely improve their mood.
  • Gemini. The Twins usually will tell you, or at least give very strong hints, as to what they want for the holidays. That being said, if they’ve totally clammed up, you need not fear. Geminis are typically introverts, and much like Capricorns and Scorpios, they’ll love anything geektastic. PDAs, tablets, cool apps, or even something along the lines of a Dr. Who DVD set will have them jumping for joy.
  • Libra. If there was a single star sign that would be voted “Best Interior Decorator,” it’d be Libra! Truth be told, Libras love to accent their homes with gifts from friends, especially if those friends are as stylish as they are. Matching decorative candles, neat vases, or even a really nice set of sheets work well for Libra friends. If you want a more romantic gift, anything that sets the mood will work.
  • Leo. This hyper prideful gift loves to be a baller, so it’s safe to say that any sort of bling will make them feel like a million bucks. In fact, any form of flashy, bright, and stylish clothing or accessories will be appreciated by this star sign. If they’re a rare “low key” Leo, the best way to brighten their day is to give them a present that features fine food in one form or another. Leos are particularly big fans of savory foods, so use that knowledge to your advantage if you choose to book a trip to a restaurant.
  • Cancer. Sensitive Cancers are a lot like Pisces in terms of what they like for gifts, especially when it comes to things that remind them of their family or ethnic backgrounds. Anything that is handmade by a friend, or significantly related to their heritage will be hugely appreciated. For Cancers, it’s not the price you pay for the gift; it’s what it’s supposed to represent that matters to them.
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