8 Female “Strengths” I’d Like To Give Back To The Boys

8 Female “Strengths” I’d Like To Give Back To The Boys ©iStock/PeopleImages

A person’s strengths and weaknesses are not defined by their gender, no matter how many stereotypes exist. Everything just varies between individuals, regardless of their gender. Personally, I’d like to give these 8 stereotypical female “strengths” back to the boys, because they feel more like weaknesses and I don’t want them.

  1. Patience. Being patient becomes a weakness, not a strength, when it’s expected of you. You shouldn’t be expected to wait around while he takes his time deciding if he wants a relationship, or is ready to get married, or sit patiently for your turn to get an advanced degree or pursue a promotion. I’d gladly give this “strength” back to the fellas and take the power that comes along with being in control of the time table. How about you be patient until I decide to buy a ring, instead?
  2. Nurturing. Some women are nurturing, some aren’t. Saying this is a female quality instead of a human quality ensures that the majority of child rearing tasks end up falling onto women, whether they feel particularly nurturing or not. Most couples are happiest when the child care is split 50/50, so maybe the men should step up and see how much they can excel at being nurturing, too.
  3. Multitasking. Being better at multitasking essentially means you are required to work at a manic pace to get three times as much stuff done in the same time period without any extra reward. Hurray! What a blessing!
  4. Maturity. They say women mature faster than men, and are therefore more responsible for their actions at a younger age. Men get to act like adolescents through most of their twenties if they want to (sometimes even longer) while women are expected to be their more mature and responsible counterparts. Well guess what- nobody wants to grow up. Women want days where they can lounge around in their underwear eating sugar cereal and watching cartoons too, but somebody has to have their act together. I vote the men take a turn being more mature, and the women get a chance to try pulling pointless pranks and making fart jokes.
  5. Giving. Some consider women to be natural givers. Sure, we are the only gender that can give birth, but aside from that, maybe we don’t want to give any more than men do. Women don’t want to be expected to make more sacrifices or be more of a martyr than any given man, because they are equally as deserving of having things for themselves. Want to take time for yourself instead of spending it with your boyfriend? Go ahead. Don’t want to give up your career when you start a family? Then don’t! Everyone needs to be selfish sometimes in order to be happy, male or female.
  6. Empathy. So you’re a little more perceptive than the fellas and a bit more in touch with your intuition. That’s great, but claiming this is a female strength basically gives men a free pass to hurt people’s feelings and live life with their heads up their asses. Let’s give this “strength” to the boys and see what happens when everyone is expected to have a certain level of empathy towards others.
  7. Teamwork. Women are expected to have better social skills and excel at collaboration and cooperation. While there’s nothing wrong with these traits, “playing nice” isn’t exactly an active quality. Teamwork is great, but only when you’re not expected to just be a team player. You can be an assertive, confident leader when you’re not pigeon holed into the helpful assistant role.
  8. Organization. Women are generally considered to be more organized and detail oriented. This stereotype means that women are more likely to get left out of big picture work in favor of being assigned menial tasks like creating spread sheets and filling. Why should you be left out of master plan creating just because men insist they just aren’t that good at getting their stuff organized? File your own damn papers, I’m too busy making my plans to take over the world.

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