117 New Emojis Are Coming, Including Italian Hands And A ‘Sometimes It Be That Way’ Face

While some people claim they’re too good for emojis and refuse to use them in text conversations, I say the more emojis, the better. Sometimes the best way to express what you’re trying to say is by using a series of those colorful little images, but it is frustrating when you can’t find the one that you want. Thankfully, the Unicode Consortium is releasing a whopping 117 new emoji for 2020, including Italian hands and one that can only be described as a “sometimes it be that way” face (thanks for that perfect description, Kacey Musgraves).

Why didn’t we have an Italian hands emoji before now?! While the official description for this one is “pinched fingers,” we all know that this is perfect for those wonderful Italians in our lives who speak with their hands and love to gesticulate wildly as they speak. This might be my fav new emoji in a long time.

The “sometimes it be that way” face is just perfect. This one is described as “smiling face with tear” which is basically the same thing. Sometimes you have to paste that smile on your face despite the fact that you’re dying inside and it’s totally OK. That’s what this one is for.

Some of the additions admittedly seem a little useless. For instance, I can’t imagine when I’ll need to use an emoji with knotted ropes or a plain old rock, but hey, why not? Same goes for the placard, green bell pepper, and even the elevator sign. Someone must think they’re useful, though, so here we are.

Others do have a much bigger purpose. Emojis are thankfully becoming more diverse, and not just by offering different skin tones (as is the case with the Italian hands emoji, among others). This release includes a transgender flag and symbol, a gender-neutral person in a veil, and even a gender-neutral Santa Claus. Pretty cool!

There are also just some plain old fun ones. Looking at you, emojis for tamales, fondue, boomerang, and ninja. I may not be able to immediately think of a way of using you, but I will. Oh, I will!

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