Bikini-Wearing Florida Woman Claims Cops Were Called By Hater Who Was ‘Jealous That Her Body Looked Good’

Bikini-Wearing Florida Woman Claims Cops Were Called By Hater Who Was ‘Jealous That Her Body Looked Good’ Marion County Jail

A Florida woman who was arrested for disorderly intoxication while hanging out around the pool at the Country Inn & Suites claims the only reason police were called is because people were “jealous that her body looked good” in the bikini she was wearing. In reality, she became enraged when employees asked for her room number since they didn’t remember her checking into the hotel and stormed off, Click Orlando reports.

  1. Hotel employees called the Ocala Police Department after the altercation. By that point, 42-year-old Melody Carr had sauntered off her in two-piece swimsuit down to the nearby La Quinta Inn & Suites, where she was found by officers walking a brown dog. That’s when things really escalated.
  2. Carr became “verbally aggressive” with officers. When questioned about her presence at the Country Inn, Carr became agitated and claimed that employees had only called the cops on her because they were “jealous that her body looked good.” She then insisted that the officer leave her alone because she’d done nothing wrong.
  3. She claimed her boyfriend had rented a room at Country Inn & Suites. Carr told officers that she’d been staying there with her boyfriend but that they’d had a fight and she left. It was then that officers told her she needed to remove her car from the motel’s property before it was towed.
  4. Carr got behind the wheel of her car and drove recklessly. Officers watched as she hopped a fence, got into her white convertible Mustang, and squealed wheels as she pulled exactly one spot forward on land belonging to an adjoining gas station. She asked the gas station manager if she could keep her car there but the manager refused, which is when she got back into her car.
  5. Officers could smell alcohol on her breath and put her in cuffs. While she admitted to having one drink at 9 a.m. that morning, Carr had no explanation for why she was still visibly drunk later in the afternoon and why her breath smelled like alcohol. She was arrested on one charge of disorderly intoxication.
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