12 Crystals To Use For Love And How To Use Them

Crystal healing dates back centuries but is still popular today. Spiritual folk often rely on crystals to absorb positive energies and dissolve negative ones, improving their well-being in the process. Check out these 12 crystals for love that can use their energies to heal your existing relationships and attract someone new into your life!

Rose quartz Many spiritual gurus believe that rose quartz is the single most powerful love stones you can have. So if you’re going to get any stone to help you with love, get this one. Why? Rose quartz builds up your tolerance levels, ability to trust, and your capacity for unconditional love. It has a gentle feminine energy and can also promote feelings of self-love. This is the love that removes the type of anti-love blockages within you so you can attract and accept true love.

Amazonite You can use amazonite either to attract a new love into your life or to increase the quality of a romantic relationship you already have. In particular, it can boost positive communication between you and your partner. This stone can help you to have difficult conversations that are vital for your relationship. Plus, the soothing green color balances emotional fluctuations.

Garnet Garnet is a stone of positivity and light. It gives you the confidence to voice your wants and needs within your relationship. This stone also helps you to avoid jealousy and insecurity, and can also help you to calm down when you feel angry with your partner. Garnet is also known as a stone of commitment, while its red color symbolizes love and romantic connection.

Lapis Lazuli Associated with the throat chakra, lapis lazuli is a stunning blue stone that encourages communication and helps you express yourself. In the context of a relationship, this is super important. It will help you to share your truth with your partner and articulate your feelings, which will lead to a stronger bond.

Seraphinite Seraphinite is connected to the heart chakra. It helps those who use it to gain clarity, particularly with romantic issues. If you keep experiencing bad luck with love but don’t know what you’re doing wrong, holding or wearing this stone can help you to see the answers.

Aventurine For those looking for a new relationship, aventurine may be just the stone you need. It’s a green stone for good luck and radiates the energy of success. Some spiritual teachers believe that this stone has the power to make your dreams—including dreams about love and romance—manifest into reality.

Obsidian Its black color makes obsidian seem like the wrong kind of stone for manifesting love. But this is a protector stone that will help you to embody confidence and faith. These feelings lead to self-love, which will help you to attract real love from the outside.

Malachite Malachite is a life-sustaining stone and connects to the heart chakra. It helps you to find trust and move past suspicion, which is ideal for someone who’s been hurt in the past. Wearing a bracelet of malachite can help you to stay optimistic that you will find love. Its healing energy can also open your heart to receive love.

Emerald One of the most famous stones, emerald brings about feelings of harmony and balance while also encouraging wisdom in matters of the heart. It’s an effective stone for someone who is looking to bring new energy to a long-term relationship. If your relationship needs a little maintenance, emerald can promote positivity and harmony between you and your partner.

Pink Tourmaline Spiritual experts believe that pink tourmaline attracts love and abundance. Therefore, this is a must-have if you’re still searching for your soulmate. The magnetic energy of this pretty stone will help you to flow with life and find your way to love naturally, without resistance. It can assist the heart chakra in opening and allow old pain to heal.

Kunzite Sometimes called the woman’s stone, kunzite carries energies of love and peace. It can aid you in dismantling self-limiting beliefs that may stop you from finding love. And it encourages trust, which makes it easier for relationships to develop naturally.

Amber Amber is a symbol of good luck in all areas, but particularly when it comes to love and marriage. The stone brings new life to old relationships that may need a pick-me-up. It can help you to focus on the good things in your relationship rather than dwelling on the bad things, and has also been known to cleanse negative energy.

Why do people use love crystals?

Crystal healing is based on the belief that different gemstones carry specific energies. Using crystals, people can channel positive energies into their bodies while clearing away negative energies. Science shows that crystals have the power to create an electrical charge, and while research is limited as to how exactly this affects a human’s energy field, many people find that they feel better when using crystals.

How do you use crystals for love?

To harness the power of crystals, you can hold them, wear them, or place them in strategic areas around the home. Exactly how you want to use a crystal is up to you. Some people prefer to wear crystal jewelry or put small tumbled crystals in their pockets. Others just hold them when they need a hit of healing energy. Many people include crystals in their meditation practices.

To use crystals for love specifically, you can meditate with them in the palm of your hand, absorbing their energy as you clear your mind. Otherwise, you can simply pick them up when you’d like to feel their loving energy and take it on. Of course, you can also wear love crystals in the form of necklaces, bracelets, rings, and anklets.

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