12 Signs You’re Spending Too Much Time With Your Boyfriend

Being in love is delightful and can be a ton of fun because you basically have a built-in adventure buddy to spend time with. That’s definitely a good thing, but you also can’t get carried away with it. Spending too much time with a partner can be detrimental to your own sanity as well as the health of the relationship. Here are some signs you may be doing just that and need to take a step back.

  1. You’re neglecting your responsibilities. Your apartment is a mess, your cat hasn’t seen much of you, and you haven’t been grocery shopping in weeks. You’re neglecting the things in your life that are supposed to be getting done. This is a bad sign that you’re spending too much time somewhere else (like with your boyfriend).
  2. You’ve let your hobbies go. You used to love to paint and go for runs. Insert whatever your hobbies are/were. These things were a huge part of your life, but you’ve let them fall by the wayside. Instead, you’ve been spending all your time holed up with your sweetie. This is a bad sign, you’re letting go of things that you really love and that make you who you are.
  3. Your friends miss you very much. Your buddies give you a hard time whenever they do see you because it’s rare. They miss you, but you’re always choosing to spend time with your significant other rather than them. This is one of the tell-tale signs that the relationship is getting too codependent. You should always maintain your friendships when you’re in a relationship. They don’t disappear just because you found someone.
  4. You feel lost when they aren’t there. A very sad sign, you feel like you don’t know how to function when your partner isn’t around. Sure, you can go to work and whatnot, but in your free time, you’re itching to be with your boo. You’re like a lost puppy dog, this isn’t good. You should feel like a whole person when your partner is and isn’t around.
  5. Your friends assume you two come as a package. When your friends invite you out to something they know they have to invite your partner, too. You guys just come as a package. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your friends are excited about your partner coming along, they just feel as if they have no choice but to invite them. They probably miss the days of ladies’ nights out and seeing you by yourself.
  6. You’re super frustrated with your boyfriend. Maybe everything they do gets on your nerves. You can’t stand being around them sometimes even though you always are. You two fight like old enemies and you can’t seem to get along. These are all signs that you’re seeing your lover’s face just a bit too much.
  7. Your sex life is lackluster at best. You two have spent so much time together for so long that you’ve essentially stopped having sex. Or, you do have sex but it’s boring as all hell. This is not a good sign! Your sex life should be satisfactory, if not booming. You both deserve that much.
  8. Your own identity feels distant. You sort of don’t know who you are anymore because your identity has blended into your partners. You two are like one blob now rather than two separate humans. You’ve forgotten what your individual interests are because you and your sweetie do everything together. This is a sign that you really need to take some you time!
  9. You frequently cancel things to hang out with your partner. You swear that one of these days you’re going to get to a meetup yet when the day arrives you find yourself canceling. Your plans would be so much fun, but you just can’t stand the idea of being away from your darling. This is not healthy! You two should have lives outside of each other.
  10. Your roommate (or theirs) is annoyed. You and your partner technically don’t live together, but in reality, you pretty much do. You spend six nights a week at their place, annoying the heck out of their roommate. They’re mad that you’re living there rent-free and you’re taking up all of the hot water. You’re paying for your own apartment, but you’re hardly there.
  11. You bring your partner along to all your plans. Not only do your friends assume you’re going to bring your partner along with you everywhere, your co-workers and your family do as well. That dinner that was supposed to be just for co-workers was awkward when you were the only one who brought a partner. You’re used to weird situations like this because you two bring each other along everywhere.
  12. You’re both deprived of alone time. Alone time is tremendously important. It’s the time to recharge your batteries and tune into your needs. Everyone needs some of it. You don’t allow yourself to have any, though, because you’re never separated from your partner. You two spend your alone time together which kind of defeats the purpose.
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