13 Guilty Pleasures That Are Totally Worth It

13 Guilty Pleasures That Are Totally Worth It ©iStock/ajkkafe

Welcome to 2015, where being judgmental is out and being tolerant is in. Sure, there are still some people out there who are going to tear you down for doing whatever you want, but most people are willing to go ahead and let you do you. Besides, the only person you have to answer to is yourself. Here are some of the most enjoyable guilty pleasures that you should never feel embarrassed for enjoying:

  1. Staying in to watch Game of Thrones on a Saturday night. Whether you’re watching it for the first time or just re-educating yourself before the next season comes out, the show just gives you all the feels.
  2. Spending entirely too much money on hair products. Honestly, your hair is the most important thing to get right when you want to look good. If you find a product that works for you, use it.
  3. Splurging on the flash sale on your favorite fashion website. This is the best because you get to feel that happy, giddy shopping rush twice. First when you buy it, and then when the package shows up at your door. Now that’s a bargain.
  4. Using a new towel more often than you should if you were being environmentally friendly. You know. You’ve seen all of the hotel placards reminding you to re-use your towels if you want to help save the planet. But there’s just something so luxurious about using a new one when you want to spoil yourself just a little.
  5. Putting so much dressing on your salad that it shouldn’t really allowed to count as a salad. Shh. Nobody wants to hear about how your salad, with all that dressing and delicious cheese, has more calories than a burger. You just want to enjoy it and tell yourself you’re being healthy. Eat on, sister; now is not the right time to start that diet. 
  6. Spending a full day’s pay on a bra that actually fits and looks good. Sure, it sounds kind of ridiculous when you but it that way. But damn if a proper-fitting bra doesn’t make a huge difference.
  7. Taking the subway when your destination is only two stops away. Yeah, you could walk there in 20 minutes, but it’s cold outside. And besides, the subway is your precious smartphone time – when else are you going to catch up on all of your addictive games?
  8. Reading trashy magazines that you know will only end up making you feel bad about yourself. You know that “Six Ways to Get Skinny” will only make you end up feeling fat. But sometimes you just want some light, easy reading.
  9. Drinking a glass of wine or two all by yourself after a rough day at work. Didn’t someone once tell you that drinking alone is what makes you an alcoholic? Oh well.
  10. Calling into work sick for a “mental health day.” Especially if you’re one of those people that never, ever gets sick and has a bazillion sick leave hours that you can use. If you have a boss that you trust, tell her that you just need a day because you’re going insane. Then, treat yourself.
  11. Going through the Taco Bell drive thru when you need a pick-me-up. You’re a health nut, but even you have your weaknesses. And that weakness is Fourth Meal at Taco Bell.
  12. Taking thirty minutes to yourself to just totally waste time on your iPhone. No, you don’t always need to be productive and you don’t always need to heed advice to put your phone down. It’s OK to just veg out and mindlessly scroll through Facebook if that’s what helps you relax.
  13. Listening to music that you would never admit to liking out loud. Still have the Spice Girls soundtrack sitting in your iTunes? Own it.
Jessica Levy is a freelance blogger and content writer. She’s also a politics junkie, a fledgling foodie, and a frequent traveler. She has lived in Morocco, Israel, India, and Barbados, and never wants to be cold again. Follow her on Twitter!