Technology Overload: 13 Signs You’re Obsessed With Your Phone

I’m guilty, I confess – my phone rarely leaves my hands; whether I’m watching TV or bored at work, I’m doing a bazillion things at once. I’m checking my bank account or I’m browsing shoes or I’m banging my head up against the nearest table after reading the comments on any article posted by my local news station. Here’s some signs you might be addicted to you phone, too.

  1. You actually look forward to going to the bathroom. Look, Candy Crush ain’t gonna play itself, ya know? So you spend an extra 15 minutes on the commode crushing some jellies. SO WHAT?
  2. You argue with your friends in the car over who gets to use the charger first. The conversation usually goes as follows: “I’m at 15 percent!” “Okay, well, I’m at 12 percent, so I win.”
  3. You feel phantom vibrations. Did your phone just vibrate? You’re SURE you just felt it vibrate in your pocket….
  4. Your camera roll is mostly filled with screenshots of ridiculous posts people have made on social media. Fran HAS to know about the shade Kim threw Joe on Facebook about being crappy in bed — BUT WHAT IF SHE DELETES IT? Better take a screenshot, just to be sure.
  5. You have hundreds of unposted selfies. Look, as a professional photographer I completely understand this. You have to take about 15 to get just ONE you really like. Then you keep the others around for a rainy day because, let’s face it, you still look pretty good in those too.
  6. You use Timehop to repost things that you posted already before. It was funny 5 years ago and it’s still funny now.
  7. Your phone is constantly reminding you that you’re almost out of storage. It’s probably because of the 43 apps that you just can’t part with and the 1,500 photos in your camera roll.
  8. You have to put your phone on silent and in another room when you’re actually trying to concentrate a project. When it’s crunch time, you can’t even KNOW that Jill is texting you about her date with Grant or you’ll never get it finished. You’re sure it was a trainwreck and that’s way more entertaining than the spreadsheet you’re working on.
  9. You want to document every single outing. Going to the store to buy toilet paper? Better keep Snapchat open in case something funny/crazy happens.
  10. You settle every argument by Googling an answer. Well, we’ll just see what Wikipedia says about that!!!
  11. Even though you can see dark clouds rolling in and hear thunder rumbling, you still check your weather app. You want to know exactly how long this rain will last, how heavy it’s going to be, and how much it will drop the temperature without getting your hair wet.
  12. You know about news way before any of your friends. “Did you hear about the ne….” “The new Kanye album? Yep. Read on Twitter about 10 minutes ago. Already retweeted it.”
  13. You feel completely naked if you forget your phone at home. What do you do with your hands?!
Tiffany is a New Orleans-based boudoir photographer ( and freelance writer. Follow her on instagram: @onesmallflower or view her boudoir photographs: @lushboudoir