13 Sobriety Apps To Help You Stop Drinking

It seems as though these days, there’s an app for just about anything. If you’re trying to stop drinking alcohol, you’ll be glad to know that there are apps for that too. So, you don’t have to do it alone and you certainly don’t have to do it without any form of help. The following sobriety apps provide you with community, rewards, and more.

  1. Sober Grid When you’re trying to stay sober, it can be helpful to have a supportive group around you. Sober Grid is an app that connects you with other people who have the same goal. Users of this app can also find friends while traveling. This is especially useful if you’re feeling lonely and the urge to drink alcohol is strong. Sober Grid is free to download, but you can purchase memberships starting at $3.99 per month. This is one of the most popular sobriety apps out there, and for good reason.
  2. Sobriety Counter Maybe you need to see some practical and solid data to help you stop drinking. Sobriety Counter aims to show you just that. The dashboard shows you how much money you’ve saved by not drinking. You can also view trackers which show how drinking improves health. The app provides you with badges as rewards for not drinking alcohol. Sobriety Counter is a free app.
  3. I Am Sober I Am Sober is a sobriety app that lets you track the total number of days you’ve gone without alcohol. You’ll receive daily notifications to help you stay focused on recovery and when you’ve reached a milestone. This may be motivational, as it allows you to visibly track your progress. This app is free.
  4. 12 Steps AA Companion This sobriety app is designed specifically for people attending Alcoholics Anonymous. It includes a Big Book reader that allows you to highlight, note-share, and read wherever you are. It also includes prayers, promises, and meditations to help keep you motivated. 12 Steps AA Companion also includes a sobriety calculation, AA contacts database, and customization features.
  5. Sober Tool Sometimes, you might get a craving for alcohol and there is no one within reach to help you stay sober. That’s where Sober Tool comes in. When you have a craving, simply go on the app and you’ll see daily motivational messages, a tool to avoid relapse if you have a craving, a chat forum, and much more. Sober Tool is free and was created by a Harvard-educated licensed chemical dependency counselor.
  6. Loosid The people around you can have a big impact on your sobriety. If you’re constantly around people who drink alcohol, you may feel pressured to drink, too. Loosid helps you to connect with others who are sober, both romantically and platonically. There are even online groups highlighting different interests and causes, such as booze-free restaurants. This app is perfect for you if you’re searching for like-minded individuals.
  7. Stop Drinking with Andrew Johnson Andrew Johnson is a mindfulness expert, coach, and therapist who helps people to overcome challenges, such as alcohol addiction. His app provides practical tools to help you change your thinking and behavior. It provides access to breathing techniques, meditations, hypnotherapy, visualization, and affirmations.
  8. Reframe Reframe is a sobriety app backed by evidence. It helps users to form healthier relationships with alcohol by using a combination of cognitive-behavioral therapy tools, progress tracking, and personalized support. Reframe contains a 120-day program that helps you with your urges to consume alcohol. It also includes breathing exercises and meditations.
  9. Sobriety Counter Sometimes, seeing our progress right in front of us is motivating enough to help us break a habit. Sobriety Counter allows you to track many aspects of their progress, including how long you’ve been sober and how your physical well-being has improved. The app also includes exercises to help you stay on track.
  10. Try Dry Perhaps you just want to try giving up alcohol for a set period of time. Try Dry can help with that. It helps you to try out a sober month. There are features such as goal setting, a chart that shows you how much money you’ve saved, daily motivational quotes, and even a drinking quiz to check your progress.
  11. EasyQuit EasyQuit is an app that helps you quit alcohol at your own pace. It shows you how aspects of your health, such as sleep, improve once you stop drinking. If you have a craving, you can play one of their games to help you stay distracted.
  12. Saying When Saying When is an app developed by Canada’s leading addictions and mental health hospital, The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. The app allows you to track your drinking and your urges. You can set personalized goals, develop coping strategies, and check in to see how you’re doing.
  13. Nomo If you need a simple tracker of your sobriety, try Nomo. It allows you to create and share as many sobriety clocks as you need. You can also earn chips when you reach milestones.
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