13 Things You Miss About Being Single When You’re Finally In A Relationship

We spend so much time looking for Mr. Right that sometimes we forget that being single comes with a lot of perks. If you ask any woman who’s in a long-term relationship, chances are she’ll have a list of things she misses doing since she’s been wifed up. Naturally, most women will say that they love being in a relationship because of the companionship, but the truth is there is some amazing crap you give up when you get coupled up. Here are 13 things you probably miss from your single days now that you’re finally taken.

  1. Going out with the girls. Although you may still see them when you’re in a relationship, inevitably your weekends no longer consist of parties, the club and brunch. Your relationship eats up most of that time. Hello, Home Depot and goodbye mimosas. Ugh.
  2. Spending your money how you want. Some couples are really good at letting one another spend as they see fit, but more often than not, “couple expenses” pop up and money is being spent on boring, grown-up stuff instead of on fun, girly stuff.
  3. Being as gross as you want in your own house. It doesn’t matter how long I’ve been with a guy, there are certain things I’m just not going to do in front of him (like pooping with the door open). Most women have some kind of hangup like this, so it’s normal to miss being single and doing whatever gross stuff you want, when you want.
  4. Checking out hot guys. Of course the coupled up girls still check guys out, but it is much harder to do when you know your man is right next to you. You don’t like when they blatantly check out that girl’s ass as she walks by, either, but the lack of eye candy is definitely missed.
  5. Flirting. Once you get to a certain point in your relationship, a lot of the flirting goes away. Flirting is a lot of fun and makes you feel sexy and powerful. It doesn’t have to end entirely, but it generally does wane once you’ve actually locked the relationship down.
  6. The uncertainty and anxiety of dating. As weird as this may sound, stay with me. There’s something intoxicating about the uncertainties that come with being single and going after new guys. Although we all swear we hate the dating game, most of us are actually obsessed and love being wanted by the different men in our lives.
  7. Casual sex. OK, so this one isn’t for everyone, but for some, casual hook-ups and one-night stands are exciting! There’s something about the freedom of this kind of sex that makes it thrilling and naughty. It’s definitely a huge perk of being single.
  8. Dressing sexy to go out. This isn’t lacking in all relationships, but a lot of guys don’t want their women looking too sexy, especially if they aren’t going to be there. My ex was super jealous, and on the rare occasion I went out with the girls, he would stay home and watch me get ready… so of course I always changed at a friends house before we hit the club.
  9. Only hanging out with people you actually like. With your man comes his friends and family. You don’t get to pick them, and sometimes they suck. When you’re single, you get to choose the people you spend time with.
  10. Making decisions for you and only you. If you want pizza for dinner when you’re single, then you have pizza! If you want a salad, you have that instead. And, if you change your mind 2958265286 times about what you’re going to eat, that’s totally fine, too. In most relationships, that would cause a war.
  11. Not having to compromise. When you only have to worry about yourself, you don’t have to worry if the decision you’re making works for you, because of course it does. When you’re in a relationship, you don’t get this luxury. So maybe you made plans for you and your guy to have a date on Saturday but he told the guys he would watch the game… if you give him a hard time, you’ll get flack, and if you don’t, you miss out on your plans. What to do, what to do? (Stay single, that’s what to do!)
  12. Spontaneity. This can be really hard to find in a relationship. When you have to worry about his schedule, you can’t just go on a spontaneous road trip. When you’re single, you make your own schedule.
  13. Doing whatever you want. You don’t have to worry about how your behavior will impact him. That freedom is sorely missed by taken girls everywhere!
C. is an aspiring yogi and Ph.D student who loves her dogs, bright lipstick and to travel. Find her on IG @drparko121314