13 Types Of Hook-Ups You Have Before Settling Down

You might end up with Mr. Right eventually, but the journey to find him will likely be full of trials, tribulations, and a whole lot of hook-ups. Here are 13 types you’ll probably experience before you finally settle down:

  1. The one that’s too close to home. Whether it’s the cute guy at your regular watering hole or the guy who rings you up at the deli, you’ve been eyeing each other up for a while, and then magic happens. It’s only a hook-up though, and now you’re stuck with awkward small talk and trying to avoid eye contact whenever you get your groceries.
  2. The one whose name you didn’t catch. The music was loud, the drinks were flowing, you had a great, spontaneous time. You’re either outta there immediately or you’re tip-toeing around in the morning. Either way, you have his number saved under ‘Bar guy’ and if you’re interested in future hook-ups, you’ll have to hope he’s the one who adds you on Facebook first.
  3. The one your friends won’t let you forget. OK, he was running his mouth all night. Yeah, he was obnoxious, a dudebro, and you disagreed on everything he had to say. Yeah, you probably shouldn’t have taken him home, but he smelled good and you wanted to — and damn it, that’s good reasoning. Make sure you have a good time, ’cause your friends won’t let you forget it.
  4. The frantic right swipe. The night dragged on, you were feeling good about yourself, but nothing was happening. Out comes your phone. You Tinder your way to success by lowering your sober standards and swiping right — yes, even on abs guy. You’re unlikely to find love this way, but you’ve got needs.
  5. The BFF. Arguably the perfect hook-up… until those darn emotions start muddying the waters. Hooking up with a long term best friend can be surprising, fun and loving in a way that most hook-ups by their very nature can’t be. Savor these.
  6. The one who thinks he’s a player. This guy has a ‘system’ to stop women from developing feelings for him. This usually means he’ll be a loser and kick you out as soon as the magic is over, but don’t worry, we’ve all been there. It’s not like you’re marrying the guy.
  7. The long-held crush. You’ve watched him from afar for a long time and tonight’s the night. There’s a special kind of magic that happens when two people who’ve been interested for a while finally get together, and so long as it isn’t a flop, it can be a treasured memory. Enjoy.
  8. The one who knows all your friends. Intimately. Turns out, you were the last one to get your rocks off with this guy. When your friends finally get around to discussing it, you find out that you’ve all hooked up with him. That’s OK — some memories are for sharing.
  9. The perfect gentleman. This is the ideal hook-up — a handsome stranger that you connect with at a time you’re not ready for anything more serious. You hook up, it’s fun, caring and intense, and neither of you want more. Maybe you’ll hook up in the future, too, and you both have your needs fulfilled until it’s time to move on. He’s respectful, friendly, and just what you need right now.
  10. The not-so gentleman. You can’t remember if the night was worth the hassle after the fact. The hook-up was mediocre, but to cover for it, he can’t stop talking about the experience to his friends. He’s the one you delete from your cell phone.
  11. The one you can’t stop bumping into. You were perfect strangers, it was a perfectly adequate hook-up, and you made sure you went out of your way to find someone you’d never see again. By some twist of fate, you bump into him the next day at a coffee shop or at a friend’s party. He’s not a stalker, but the fates keep thrusting you together, even after you’re ready to move on. Best way to deal? Be upfront, make a joke about it, and find out if he’s good friendship material.
  12. The one who gets too comfy, too soon. The hook-up was alright, but suddenly he’s snoring into your ear with his arms wrapped around you. In the morning, he wants to tell you about his childhood while he cooks you breakfast and makes plans for your “first real date.” You’ll have to let him down, gently or otherwise. You’re all for connecting with new people, but a hook-up’s a hook-up.
  13. The keeper. The hook-up turns into breakfast, which turns into lunch, which turns into dinner, drinks, another hook-up, another dinner, another date, some sleepovers, meeting his friends, meeting your friends, and finally, love. People say that you never end up marrying a one-night stand, but that’s BS. A real connection with that special spark is rare, and when it happens to you — whether on a first night hook up or with a best friend — hold on to it and nurture it in any way you can.