Why You Should Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve, Even If It Means You Might Get Hurt

Hardly a day goes by without hearing or thinking about these “walls” we put up in life and relationships. We unconsciously try to protect ourselves from getting hurt in life, but sometimes in doing this, we end up keeping out a lot of good stuff instead — and we still get hurt, too. Here are some reasons why you should try wearing your heart on your sleeve, no matter how risky a move it might be.

  1. People get to know the real you. You’ll never have to worry about weird parts of your personality coming out later if you just let them out from the get-go. By putting it all out there from day one, you ensure the person you end up with knows and loves the real you. You deserve at least that.
  2. You find out who’s around for the right reasons much more quickly. Your sincerity of emotion will weed out all the guys that are interested in different levels of relationships than you are. Being open about the fact that you want long-lasting love may scare guys away. However, they’re the wrong guys. Totally worth it!
  3. You realize flirting can be fun. When you allow yourself to wear your heart on your sleeve, you might as well stop hiding from intimidating guys at the bar and actually start talking to them. You embrace your vulnerability and your honesty in the search for love, which allows for greater connection. It feels amazing.
  4. Your life opens up in a variety of ways. Think about the differences between your friends in regard to their energy alone. Closed-off people live in smaller worlds, while those who take chances seem to have miraculous success stories. People who wear their hearts on their sleeves always come out the winners.
  5. You end up playing far fewer games. It’s a lot easier to communicate when you’re saying what you mean. Not only that, but it’s so much easier to shut down people who want to play with your head and heart and aren’t genuine. Amazing how that works! Now just to figure out what to do with all that time leftover when your life is drama-free…
  6. Being open isn’t the same as giving too much. There is a huge difference between being judgmental and being discerning when it comes to planning who to let into your life. Boundaries are necessary to keep the pathological liars away, but walls against everyone who reminds you of your ex are not. Wearing your heart on your sleeve doesn’t mean being a doormat. Don’t confuse the two.
  7. It’s the definition of romantic. When you lead with openness and generosity of spirit, it’s easier to tap into those magical fairytale ideas about love. It could happen any minute, anywhere, and you know it. Wouldn’t you much rather be hopeful than jaded?
  8. You don’t have as many “what if?”s. Half of heartache (at least) is filled with the shoulda woulda couldas that you just didn’t do. But if we tried our best every time, there’s less to obsess about if something doesn’t work. By putting yourself out there 100% from the beginning, you ensure you never end up with regrets.
  9. You show your affection. Instead of being concerned about the high levels of your PDA, your motto is more like, “Look on, because this stuff is awesome.” Sure, you shouldn’t start going at it in the middle of the grocery store, but it’s pretty empowering to find someone you like and kiss them when you want to kiss them.
  10. You can actually appreciate your exes. The breakup wasn’t fun, but you loved a lot about him and you always will. There’s nothing wrong with seeing the good in people. Wearing your heart on your sleeve means acknowledging the imperfection in all of us and accepting it.
  11. The wrong things won’t work out no matter what. Ever think about why you have such strong walls up with certain people? What if some of that is less about our personal issues and more about trusting our gut? It’s easier to be open with the right people.
  12. You’ll worry less about the small details. It doesn’t worry you that this dude you like lives across the country, you’re up for the adventure however it turns out. Of course, wearing your heart on your sleeve doesn’t mean being a fool or doing things that are knowingly reckless. However, it does mean being willing to take risks sometimes.
  13. Rejection happens faster. And probably stings less because you didn’t waste any time getting overly attached to the wrong people. It’s more natural to just keep it moving. It results in way less wasted time, and that’s always a bonus.
  14. It requires that you believe that people are good. Of course, you know that not everyone is deserving of your time and affection, but overall you’d like to think that the world is a safe place to be.
Kate Ferguson is a Los Angeles local and freelance writer for a variety of blog and magazine genres. When she's not writing, the UC Davis graduate is focused on pursuits of the entertainment industry, spin class, and hot sauce. Look for article links, updates, (and the occasional joke) on Twitter @KateFerg or @WriterKateFerg, or check out her personal blog ThatsRandomKate.blogspot.com