14 Signs A Guy Is Immature In A Way That Won’t Be Cute In A Month

Sometimes the guy who’s youthful and fun is so refreshing, pulling you out of your rut and reminding you to live in the moment… but not always. Here are signs that those cute things he’s doing are actually signs of a serious flaw in him—his “youthfulness” is code for being a man-child.

1. He gets drunk and crazy with his friends.

He loves spending time with his bros but when they get together, it’s a riot. That might sound funny, but not if you’re his girlfriend. It means you’ll be neglected at parties because he’s too busy getting drunk and pulling pranks with his friends—in other words, being a total jerk.

2. He mocks his committed friends.

He’s quick to mock and tease his friends who are in committed relationships. You might see this as light-hearted, but it could pose a problem because it could hide his negative thoughts about relationships and marriage. Maybe he’s really a commitment-phobe underneath all that joking around.

3. He jokes around when you want to be serious.

When you start a serious conversation, he might pretend not to listen to you or dance around the room to get your attention. This could cause you to laugh at his crazy antics, but imagine an entire relationship of never getting to be serious with this guy? A total nightmare. If you keep meeting guys like this, our sister site, Sweetn, has some science-backed tips, tricks, and advice to overhaul your love life in some game-changing ways. Check them out here.

4. He calls you at work to ask you how to turn the oven on. 

He wants to cook a special dinner for you but then he calls you to ask you for cooking advice or even how to work your oven. It might seem adorable but this could be a guy who can’t fend for himself.

5. He sulks when he doesn’t get his way.

This is NEVER cute—he hears you already have plans on the night he wanted to go see the new Fast and Furious movie and pretends to sulk or cry. In a few weeks, this mock-child behavior is going to bug you so much because it just makes you feel like he’s too possessive and needy. Plus, a grown man acting like a kid is creepy.

6. He worries about his appearance.

He’s a really shy guy—maybe that’s what first attracted you to him, but he’s always worried about how he looks, how his hair is, what people are thinking of him and if they’re staring at him because he’s wearing a pink shirt. Ugh, he’s not shy—he’s desperate for attention!

7. He can’t have an adult conversation with your dad.

When he spends a bit of time with your dad, he ends up speaking to him like a child. He can’t seem to have an adult conversation and always ends up trying to make jokes, many of which are inappropriate. This isn’t a cute, socially awkward guy—he’s a man-child.

8. He loves to splurge.

He makes a great shopping partner because he loves fashion and antique furniture shops but if he’s always up for a splurge, it could be a sign that he can’t handle his money. Yup, just like a kid who needs a girlfriend or mother to take control of his finances. It gets pretty annoying when you realize he’s always broke when it’s time to pay the bills every month…

9. He drags you to the bedroom when you’re upset.

You confront him about something, like how he never picks up after himself, and he leads you to the bedroom for a quickie. If he regularly uses intimacy to distract you, he’s not emotionally mature enough to deal with real relationship problems. This is not the answer to everything.

10. He spends all weekend playing games.

It might be on his phone or with his friends, but it’s like he can easily zone out of the relationship and do silly things for ages, going AWOL so you can’t reach him. You might think it’s cool that he’s in tune with his inner child, but it won’t be fun for much longer, like three months in the future when he’s standing you up on dates because he’s got to get to Level Three of his latest computer game.

11. He’s an emoji texter.

He loves using emoticons and emojis during texting, in all conversations – and strings of them. Often, you find yourself going, “What the heck?” because you can’t understand what he’s really trying to tell you. It’s so childish to speak in pictures. Can’t he just use words?!

12. He only thinks about today.

He doesn’t think or plan for the future. He’s always insisting that he wants to live in the moment and have a blast. Although this can be intriguing, it’s not realistic in the long-term. You need someone stable who plans ahead and wants a secure life, not someone who can’t hold down a job and wants to live by the seat of his pants.

13. He charms you a lot.

He’s very charming and this can make you melt but in a few weeks, it’s going to upset you because it will start seeming fake. He might be using charm to get his way with you because he’s a manipulative guy pretending to be nice.

14. He avoids anything serious.

He’s quick to escape his office meeting, find a way to bring booze to church, and panic when he’s asked to babysit his nephew. He shies away from any situation that requires him to be an adult, which might be hilarious to see at first, but only shows you that the worst guy to be with is one who hasn’t grown up.


Giulia Simolo is a writer from Johannesburg, South Africa with a degree in English Language and Literature. She has been working as a journalist for more than a decade, writing for sites including AskMen, Native Interiors, and Live Eco. You can find out more about her on Facebook and LinkedIn, or follow her on Twitter @GiuliaSimolo.