14 Things That Are More Fun When You’re Single

Believe it or not, you don’t need a boyfriend to have fun – there are plenty of awesome things to do on your own. The best part is that while these things can be enjoyed with other people, they’re even better when it’s just you, rolling solo. They’re perfect when you need some down time or when you’re friends would rather do something you just don’t like. Take some quality time and have some fun that’s just right for you.

Dance like no one’s watching. While you’re with someone else, you’re busy making sure you look good and don’t make a fool of yourself. Put on your favorite jam and dance how ever you want. It’s fun, relaxing and no one’s going to judge you if you break out some not-so-smooth moves.

Binge watching your guilty pleasure show. So what if you’re addicted to old episodes of Project Runway or love rewatching all the episodes of Supernatural? Isn’t it great to just sit down in your sweats with a bag of chips in your lap and binge without anyone talking over your favorite parts?

Indulge in your favorite foods. Scarfing down a double cheeseburger loaded with bacon and extra cheese might make your friends cringe. We all tend to hold back and not indulge like we’d like when others are around. It’s just you right now, so eat whatever you want.

Touring a new city. Everyone wants to see something different, so you never get to just relax and enjoy what you want to see most. Make some solo travel plans. You’ll have a blast and even make some new friends along the way.

Curling up with a good book. Reading isn’t exactly a group activity. Escape for a few hours and read a good book. You’ll enjoy it and have something fun to talk about later.

Checking out the latest chick flick. You know it’s going to be a tear jerker and you’d rather not let your S.O. see you cry. Go to a mid-day matinee, sit in the back row and cry all you want when the lead’s mother dies and the guy she’s always loved comes to make it all better.

Going for a long, relaxing walk. Sometimes it’s fun to walk with others. Sometimes, you’d rather not have to come up with conversation. You just want to enjoy the sights and take your time. I like doing both, personally, but I have even more fun when it’s just me.

Pleasuring yourself. Sex with someone else is great, but there’s something immensely satisfying about doing it yourself. There’s no waiting until someone else’s in the mood or focusing on anyone but yourself. You get to sit back, relax and enjoy exactly what gets you off.

Lying in bed, doing whatever you want. Most of your friends and even your boyfriend would probably have something to say about you lying in bed all day with your hair a mess, eating junk food and watching TV. It’s fun to stay in bed, on your own without any judgments, and do whatever you feel like, such as maybe #8.

Going to an event none of your friends like. Maybe you want to go to a concert and just enjoy the music without anyone complaining. Maybe you’d love to go to a museum for a special exhibit, but no one else really gets it. Do it on your own. You’ll have far more fun that way.

Exercising. I know someone people can’t exercise unless they have a workout buddy. I prefer working out alone because it doesn’t matter if I do really well or not. I can do whatever exercises I want and enjoy it without feeling like I need to compete or do something I don’t like. It’s more fun and I get better results.

Shopping for clothes. It’s fun to shop for clothes with friends until they find what they’re looking for first. Then they’re ready to go and you feel rushed. Plus, they don’t get it when you want to try on that random outfit that you know is going to look weird, just for the joy of doing it. Go out and shop all you want and try on whatever you like.

Trying out new beauty trends. We’ve tried the latest beauty trends and they looked horrible, especially during our first try. It’s embarrassing with others around, but hilarious when it’s just you. Spend a day trying new trends. Who knows, you might even find something you like.

Singing to your favorite songs. We can’t all sound like the winners from our favorite reality singing shows. More than likely, we sound more like those blooper reels they show. That doesn’t mean you don’t like to just belt out the latest Taylor Swift or Meghan Trainor song. Sing all you want, as off key as you like without anyone making fun of you.

There really are fun things to do on your own that are more fun when others aren’t around. We all need some downtime, so why not enjoy those few hours you get alone sometimes?

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