15 Habits of People Who Are Average Looking But Still Give Off an Attractive Vibe

15 Habits of People Who Are Average Looking But Still Give Off an Attractive Vibe

You know that “just okay-looking” friend of yours who always seems to have a date? Or how about the coworker who’s nothing special but everyone seems to flock to them? Well, turns out looks aren’t everything! There are plenty of people (who aren’t considered extremely attractive) who are appealing because of how they act. Here are 15 habits of people who are average-looking but still give off an attractive vibe.

1. They always bring the positive vibes

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Who doesn’t want to be around someone who brings the positive vibes? Part of being attracted to someone is being attracted to their energy, so it makes sense why you’d be interested in someone with this type of energy. When someone is positive (but not toxic), it shows that they have an optimistic outlook and can approach new experiences and relationships with openness and excitement. In other words: hot.

2. They genuinely care about people and are kind

When someone is kind it shows that they’re empathetic and compassionate and that they care about other people’s happiness. A kind person (even if they’re not the hottest one in the room) can create a comforting, safe space for everyone around them and that’s why people are drawn to them. Kindness also shows that someone values and respects you—and that’s sexy.

3. They’re open to just about everything

The truth is, no one wants to be around someone who doesn’t know how to be flexible. No matter how beautiful someone is, if they’re uptight or judgmental it’s pretty much a no-go. That’s why open-minded people come off as so attractive—they’re easy to be around, create a welcoming environment, and accept people for who they are. Sure, they might not be a model, but they’re open and willing which counts way more.

4. They show up with confidence

There is tons of research out there that shows confidence is one of the top traits people look for in a partner. That’s probably because confidence tells you a lot about a person! It says that they’re self-assured, they’re able to show up and assert themselves in almost any environment, and, most importantly, that they believe in themselves. Someone could be the hottest person alive, but if they don’t have confidence in themselves, it’s not super attractive.

5. They treat everyone around them with respect

When someone treats everyone—from their boss to the janitor—with respect it points to their good character. And good character is huge when it comes to attraction. Besides, when someone is respectful that helps to build trust and understanding—two things that are important when it comes to creating deep and meaningful connections. The most attractive person who’s rude versus a just okay person who’s respectful? We’ll choose the latter every time.

6. They’re authentic to who they are

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There is truly nothing sexier than being yourself. No matter how hot someone is, if it seems like they’re putting on a show or playing a part, it can be a turn-off. But a person who isn’t afraid to show themselves, quirks and all? That’s attractive as heck. It shows vulnerability, and honesty, and creates a space for you to be the real you as well.

7. They’re amazing at listening to other people

When someone actually listens to you (instead of pretending to) it shows that they’re genuinely interested in what you have to say. It’s such an attractive quality because when someone listens to you, they make you feel special, seen, and heard. You’ll feel like they get you and want to get to know you, which is super enticing regardless of their looks.

8. They’re able to articulate and speak clearly

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Some people are so good with words it doesn’t matter what they look like. When someone can present themselves clearly and effectively through their words, it shows that they’re confident, competent, intelligent, and thoughtful (all attractive things!). Plus, people who are good at expressing themselves often connect with others on a deeper level. Deep connection = deep attraction.

9. They have an incredible sense of humor

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Have you ever met someone who was so jaw-droppingly hot but they had the personality of shredded wheat? You probably weren’t as attracted to them after you figured that out. A person’s sense of humor can tell you a lot about them. It says they’re smart, easy to be around, and fun. It also shows that they’re able to poke fun at themselves and not take life so seriously. Looks fade, personality doesn’t.

10. They’re good at pursuing their passions

Real talk: there aren’t many things in this world that are hotter than someone pursuing their passions. When someone is passionate, you’re able to look at them through what lights them up the most—and that vulnerability and willingness to share is attractive. It also indicates they’re someone who can follow through and commit.

11. They know how to be humble

There’s nothing less hot than someone who brags and boasts about their accomplishments. But someone who is down-to-earth about their achievements and successes? That’s attractive. It shows that this person is self-aware and modest rather than arrogant and clueless. Humility has a way of making someone approachable even if they didn’t catch your eye at first look.

12. They get back up when faced with a challenge

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Not everyone can be adaptable or deal with challenges gracefully. So when someone is good at bouncing back from setbacks, it’s just naturally appealing. It shows that they can thrive in any condition, believe in themselves that they can do just about anything, and that they’re confident. Regardless of their looks, who doesn’t want to be with someone who can navigate stress and change easily?

13. They take pride in their appearance

No matter what they look like, there’s something so attractive about someone who’s put together. Whether they’re well-groomed or clean and organized, it shows that they value their appearance and take pride in how they present themselves. They’re attentive to details and engage in a certain level of self-care. The simple act of taking care of themselves conveys confidence and worth—say it with me: hot.

14. They have a high level of emotional intelligence

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One of the most attractive qualities in a person is if they have a high EQ. People with this trait not only recognize but empathize with other people’s feelings. They’re also really good at managing their own emotions—they can navigate complex situations through the lens of self-awareness and maturity. This allows them to resolve conflict easily, form deep connections, and navigate life with understanding. We’ll take EQ over looks any day.

15. They’re curious about the people and places around them

People who are curious have a deep interest in the world around them. They seek intellectually stimulating conversations and are eager to learn, explore new ideas, and find new experiences. This can often manifest as inquisitiveness—they’ll ask you thoughtful questions that lead to deeper conversations. Connecting with someone on that level can make you forget what they look like because their mind is just that attractive.

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