15 Signs Your Life Is On The Right Track

I’m a big believer in signs that the universe sends you, and at times, they can be a good indicator that you’re living the way that you’re supposed to live. If you’re doubting your path in life, keep a lookout for these 15 key signs that things are working in your favor.

You’ve noticed a number of major upgrades in your quality of life. 

All of a sudden, you can afford a nicer car, a spa membership, and even get high end restaurant meals on the regular. I believe that a happy wallet is a sign that you’re doing things right.

People who snubbed you now want to chat with you. 

Let’s be fair, here. There are plenty of legitimate reasons why people who may have snubbed you in the past may have wanted to do that. Sometimes, we’re just not put together. If you notice your ranking rising, that’s a good sign, indeed!

You’ve stopped drinking, using drugs, or pursuing other destructive behavior…or at least, slowed it down. 

Hands down, this is always a step in the right direction. This is especially true if you did it without even trying, since it may mean that there are new, better things to fill that void in your life.

Your standards have improved. 

Once again, this is always a step in the right direction, primarily because you shouldn’t have lowered your standards in the first place. So, pat yourself on the back. You’re doing good, my friend.

Life just seems easier. 

All those little issues that always inconvenienced you are now no longer in your life. When everything seems streamlined, it’s a good indicator that you’re doing things right.

You have a better idea of who you are supposed to be. 

Things are starting to feel more “right” in your life. You’re now beginning to see your own goals, hopes, and dreams. You stopped trying to exist in a box, and are now making your own path. When this happens, it’s an excellent sign.

People get jealous of you, but you’re still modest about it all. 

When you begin to think that you’re Queen of the World, and when you start getting an arrogant attitude, that’s when the forces of life tend to go against you. Simply put, getting on the right track doesn’t give you permission to act like a jerk to other people. You can’t always keep haters from hating, but what you can do is be cool about it all.

You’ve started to enforce healthier boundaries. 

You can be picky all you want, but if you aren’t actually enforcing boundaries with certain people, you’re still going to be stuck in a rut. When you start learning to say “no,” you’re making sure that you won’t get stuck with bad habits enforced by other people.

People are beginning to recognize your talents and personality. 

One thing I’ve noticed in my life is that people actually recognizing how awesome you are is usually a good tip-off that you’re doing something right. When people actually applaud you for the hard work you put in, don’t rest on your laurels. Continue to progress with your work, and things will get even better.

You own your mistakes, flaws, and past. 

No matter what happened in the past, how you handle it makes all the difference. Instead of deflecting responsibility, hiding who you used to be, or just refusing to accept what’s happened, own it. Those bumps and bruises made you who you are today, and when you actually accept it and have moved on, you’re doing lightyears better than how it used to be.

You’re no longer intimidated by groups that used to make you feel insecure. 

Back in the day, you used to get super shy and anxious around that group of “cool kids.” Now, you see them as equals, or might not even give them the time of day. This is a good sign that you’ve done well for yourself.

Your relationship isn’t making you upset, anxious, or angry. 

Relationships should be, at a minimum, 80% happy memories. If your relationship is awesome and drama-free, you’re probably just where you’re supposed to be.

The place where you live now feels like home. 

It’s no longer just “some random apartment” you’re renting. It’s your home. That’s a good sign that your life now has a more solid foundation than it did in past years, and that solid foundation makes for a better future.

Going to work doesn’t result in you being upset. 

Work doesn’t have to be a soul-sucking environment. If you actually like your job, or even just tolerate it, you’re already way ahead of the game. The fact is that you don’t necessarily have to feel like your job is meaningful in order for you to feel happy with your life and be on the right track. As long as you’re happy, or even content, it’s likely an improvement.

People are showing their respect more often. 

As the old saying goes, “Laugh, and the world laughs with you. Cry, and you cry alone.”

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