15 Superpowers Women Would Love To Have

While being able to teleport or breathing fire would be awesome superpowers to have, most of us would be perfectly content with having powers that might be a bit more mundane. Here are some superpowers most women would love to have:

  1. Being able to figure out what the guy you like is thinking. Why, oh why, do guys do the things they do? We only wish we knew! At one point or another, we’ve all wanted to know whether or not a guy likes us, what he’s thinking, and what he’s up to. If only we had this superpower to help us out!
  2. Being able to make a guy call you using telepathy. We’ve all been there, staring anxiously at our phone, waiting for a hot guy to call us. It always seems like it takes an eternity for that phone to ring, and at times, it never actually does. If this superpower was up for grabs, it’s one we’d definitely take!
  3. The ability to make a guy shrink down to the size of an ant. Got a jerk problem? Make him smaller, then step on him. End of problem!
  4. Being able to eat and drink whatever you want without gaining any weight. Oh, if only the buffalo wings we eat wouldn’t stick to our thighs. It would be amazing to be able to eat whatever you want while still maintaining the body of Claudia Schiffer.
  5. A real life mute button. Can anyone mute all the guys who catcall women? Please? Oh, alas, we don’t have real life mute buttons. If we did, the world would really get to experience how golden silence can be.
  6. The supernatural ability to make a manicure last for a whole month. Less time spent at the salon, more time spent admiring super chic nails. Better still, there would be no such thing as broken nails happening on the regular. What’s not to love about this?
  7. The ability to magically appear in front of the guy who ghosted you, just so that you can slap him. It would be satisfying, even if violence doesn’t usually solve anything. Let’s face it, this superpower would definitely cut down on that kind of rude behavior.
  8. An anti-creeper force field. This already would make life so much easier. It would be even better if it also worked online. Actually, is there any way we can make this happen?
  9. The ability to grow or shrink breasts at will. Bra shopping would be so much easier if we could do this. Also, we wouldn’t have to worry about feeling insecure about dating guys who are into big or small breasts. Also, exercise would be so much easier!
  10. Being able to summon your squad using telepathy. “I summon thee, female friends, to aid me! My boyfriend just broke up with me. Bring booze! Bring The Notebook! Come here now!”
  11. The ability to placate you or your boyfriend’s parents. If you’ve ever dealt with an overbearing, unreasonable set of parents, you totally can understand why this superpower would be so popular. Actually, this might also be used in tandem with the real life mute button.
  12. The ability to temporarily turn into Martha Stewart. Need a festive topiary? Need to cook something that’s actually edible by human standards? Need to do laundry without setting the dryer on fire? If you’re anything like me, this superpower might come in handier than you’d want to admit.
  13. An empathy gun. Ever wish that a guy could just see how his treatment of you makes you feel? If someone would be awesome enough to create a gun that forces people to be more attentive to the feelings or others, no one would have to worry about this issue again.
  14. Shapeshifting pajamas. With this superpowery item, your PJs would look like a business suit, an elegant dress, or something similarly uncomfortable… but they’d still feel like pajamas. If a fashion designer could make something like this, it’d sell out really quickly, don’t you think?
  15. The ability to turn water into wine, beer, or a mixed drink. No lie, drinks at bars are pretty expensive. This would make a night out way more affordable, and a ton of fun.
Ossiana Tepfenhart is a New Jersey based writer and editor with bylines in Mashed, Newsbreak, Good Men Project, YourTango, and many more. She’s also the author of a safe travel guide for LGBTQIA+ people available on Amazon.

She regularly writes on her popular Medium page and posts on TikTok and Instagram @ossianamakescontent.