15 Things High-Maintenance People Say That Test Everyone’s Patience

15 Things High-Maintenance People Say That Test Everyone’s Patience

Dealing with someone who’s high-maintenance can be super-draining. After being around them for a while, you might feel your anxiety level increase, or you may get the urge to run away because they need so much from you all the time. It’s a lot to handle — especially when they tend to say these things regularly.

1. “I don’t eat that.”

Shot of a young woman serving a difficult customer in a coffee shop

High-maintenance eaters have a laundry list of foods they refuse to touch. Gluten, dairy, sugar, carbs, meat, soy, GMOs – you name it, they avoid it. Never mind that their restrictions make it nearly impossible to pick a restaurant or cook them a meal they’ll actually eat. If you mistakenly serve them something on their no-fly list, prepare for a meltdown.

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2. “I urgently need your help.”

It’s common for high-maintenance people to try to get others to help them with their problems. The issue is that they’re always in the middle of some sort of drama or chaos. So, they’ll text saying that they “urgently” need help with something, but even if you rush to their aid, you’ll soon realize they’re catastrophizing to get attention.

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3. “This task is beneath me.”

Whether it’s household chores or a work project, a high-maintenance person can get on everyone’s nerves because they consider themselves to be too good to put in hard work and work up a sweat to complete a task. No work is actually beneath anyone, but that’s not the case for them.

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4. “Are you SURE I look okay?”

High-maintenance people are pathologically insecure and constantly fishing for compliments. No matter how many times you assure them they look great, it’s never enough. They’ll keep asking if their outfit works, if their hair looks dumb, if they seem bloated, ad nauseum until you want to shake them. News flash: Confident people don’t need to crowdsource opinions on their appearance every five minutes.

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5. “I need my ‘me time’ every day to recharge!”

Portrait of tired beautiful woman on dark background©iStock/Viktor_Gladkov

While self-care is important, high-maintenance people take it to extremes. They jealously guard their me-time, insisting they can’t possibly function without hours each day devoted solely to pampering and “recharging”. This usually involves elaborate beauty rituals, designer sheet masks, and social media posting about #selfcare. Me-time shouldn’t come at the expense of all other responsibilities.

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6. “It has to be perfect.”

People who have high-maintenance tendencies usually have a desperate need for perfectionism, per Harvard Business Review. They want everything to be done according to their standards or what they think is right (which can’t always be right!). This can cause them to micromanage (and annoy!) everyone around them.

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7. “I shouldn’t have to wait.”

Little things can cause these people to lose their cool and throw a tantrum, such as having to wait for a table in a restaurant. They act like they should get VIP access to the best of everything, which is unrealistic and unfair to everyone else.

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8. “My day is ruined because of [minor inconvenience].”

High-maintenance people completely lack perspective and have meltdowns over small snafus. Traffic made them 10 minutes late? Day ruined. Barista used 2% milk instead of oat milk? Day ruined. First choice for brunch was too crowded? Day ruined. With them, it’s always a catastrophe, never just a blip.

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9. “I can’t believe I don’t have my [brand name] item.”

Some high-maintenance people make a big deal about material items. For example, they might insist that they only use certain expensive or luxury products and refuse to make do with other products that they consider as not being good enough for them. It’s LV, Gucci, and Le Creuset or nothing!

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10. “It’s not done in the right way.”

Everything has to meet the high-maintenance person’s requirement and standards, which usually tend to be over the top. Sometimes, it’s like dealing with a bratty child, as they’re totally incapable of accepting different views or ways of doing things.

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11. “It doesn’t work with my schedule.”

Since they usually stick to their routines and aren’t flexible with their schedules, they might act out when someone throws something spontaneous their way, whether it’s a last-minute dinner outing or a surprise vacation. They’ll act out or criticize the person, without considering their feelings.

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12. “Where are you?”

High-maintenance people can be so intense that they take texting seriously. Way too seriously. If they send a friend or partner a text, they’ll expect an immediate response. If they don’t get one, they’ll send more texts or call them, demanding to know where they are. Yikes.

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13. “Oh, I’m a little disappointed.”

It’s difficult to be friends with or date a high-maintenance person because they’re super critical, Forbes notes. They’re also easily disappointed when they don’t get exactly what they want. So, if their partner writes them a romantic letter, they won’t really appreciate it because they had their eye on concert tickets or a new Versace handbag instead.

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14. “Are you wearing that?”

Linked to the previous point about high-maintenance people being critical of others, they want everyone to fall in line with their lifestyle or choices. It’s not uncommon for them to ask, “Are you wearing that?” when going out for dinner with their partner, expecting them to dress in the way they want. It’s so controlling!

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15. “You should apologize.”

Instead of taking responsibility for mistakes they’ve made, someone who’s high-maintenance and dramatic might always expect others to apologize first. This is common after a fight with a friend or partner. They refuse to see their role in arguments, always assuming the other person is wrong. Yikes.

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