15 Things You’re Too Old To Post On Social Media

There’s nothing worse than a social media post that comes back to bite you in the butt! Social media is a great way to reach out to and connect with loved ones and old or new friends, but you’ve got to be wary of what you put out there for the world to see. If you’re dropping drama, being passive-aggressive, or coming across as a whiny baby, you’re going to earn a bad reputation. So, here are 15 things to stop posting about online.

1. That hectic fight you had with your friend

While it can be tempting to post on social media about how angry you are at your friend who borrowed more money from you or dished you a backhanded compliment that resulted in a full-blown fight, resist the urge! You’re looking for an emotional outlet, but this isn’t it. It comes across as childish and emotionally immature.

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2. How no one understands you

Hey, everyone feels lonely or isolated at times, but social media isn’t the place to post about how tormented you’re feeling right now. Instead, speak to someone in your life or consult a mental healthcare professional so you feel less alone, Forbes advises. “Likes” aren’t going to make you feel better, I promise.

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3. Over-the-top public displays of affection

While your loved ones might think it’s cute to see you and your partner showing each other affection online, they don’t want to see a virtual smooch fest on their feeds every day. It’s inappropriate and can make people feel awkward. Plus, let’s be honest, it looks like you and your partner are trying a little too hard to seem like the perfect couple.

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4. Relationship baggage/dirty laundry

You had a fight with your girlfriend or boyfriend, so why not resolve the issue with them instead of heading over to social media? You know, like an adult? If you run to your online friends, it makes you seem like you’re gossiping about your partner behind their back or trying to get their attention if they’re connected to your account, which makes the situation even more stressful. You don’t need it!

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5. Hating on your job

You should never, ever, speak badly about your job on social media. You never know if your employer is tracking what you post online. If so, what you assume are innocent posts could cause you to lose your job or get a bad reputation in your career field.

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6. Things you know your ex will like

When you post something on Meta or Instagram, you might tweak it so that it gets your ex’s attention. Maybe you write about things you know they’ll find interesting to provoke jealousy or make them want to reach out to you again. Honestly, it’s a waste of time and can make you seem like you’re trying a little too hard. If you’re missing them, reach out to them personally — it’s so much more meaningful!

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7. Game invitations

No one wants to be invited to play Candy Crush or other games in 2024! Seriously, most people over the age of 18 don’t have the time to play around on social media. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, it’s also boring for people to see your game progress.

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8. Passive-aggressive stories

You want to tell someone in your life that they’ve frustrated you, but instead you unleash your feelings in a passive-aggressive way in a social media post in the hope that they’ll see it and get the message. Uh oh! Brace yourself for an online fight or making the person in your life feel uncomfortable the next time they see you.

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9. Negative rants about your life

Everyone feels negative from time to time, but it’s never a good idea to go on about it on social media. It doesn’t do anything to make you feel better. If you’re always ranting in a negative way, people are likely to mute your posts so they don’t have to see a Mopey Mark or Margaret on their feed every day.

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10. Rundowns of your mundane daily life

A good rule to follow with social media posting is that you shouldn’t post unless you really feel something’s important or interesting to talk about. So, skip the pics of your morning snack along with a rundown of your day’s to-do list. Yawn.

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11. Threats to leave social media (but not following through)

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This is a clear cry for attention! If you post about how you’re going to be shutting down your social media account and rant about how you’re never coming back, but then you stick around, it can make your friends and followers feel like you’re just trying to get their attention or pleas to stay.

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12. Humblebrags about your life

Humblebragging about your latest achievements or material goods makes it seem like you’re trying to get attention or feeling a bit too great about yourself (arrogant, much?). So, avoid posting things like, “My new Versace handbag is so gorgeous, but now I’m broke!” What, are you asking for sympathy or hoping to broadcast to everyone that you have a Versace handbag? Yikes.

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13. Fishing for compliments

Playing the “poor me” card to get other people to bolster your ego is never a good idea. It makes you look desperate for attention and ego strokes. For example, if you tell people that you’re such a terrible friend or such a bad driver and then wait for the positive comments to come in, you might be waiting a long time…

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14. In-depth information about your health

Social media isn’t the doctor’s office! No one needs to know the details about your hernia operation or what your doctor said at your last consultation. Oh, and please stop posting selfies when you’re about to head to the doctor or ER — don’t be such a drama magnet!

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