15 Types Of People Who Will Make Your Life So Much Better

15 Types Of People Who Will Make Your Life So Much Better

There are many different types of people who make up a balanced social circle. It’s all about developing a portfolio of sorts so that you always have someone there to support, encourage, and uplift you in any number of situations. When deciding who to surround yourself with, consider adding these people to your crew.

1. The designated driver

Designated drivers are the unsung heroes of any night out. They’re the ones who skip the booze to make sure everyone gets home safe, just like your friend Katie did when she first got her license at 16. You were grateful then, and you should be grateful now. These selfless soldiers deserve a lot of respect. Of course, don’t be that person who always lets other people take the hit. Step up and return the favor sometimes. No one likes a sponge who never takes a turn behind the wheel. Be the DD you want to see in the world.

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2. The rich one

Having a wealthy friend might sound opportunistic, but they’re used to people being interested in their money. Your loaded pal will likely admit it’s tough to know who’s genuine. Be real with them – they’ll appreciate your honesty and the fact that you see them as a person. Plus, they’ll enjoy using their money to make memories with someone they trust. It’s a win-win.

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3. The friend who lives abroad

Happy couple taking selfie in front of Duomo cathedral in Milan, Lombardia - Two tourists having fun on romantic summer vacation in Italy - Holidays and traveling lifestyle concept

This friend is ever so convenient when it gets to the summer months. Yes, it’s hard to go the winter months on limited contact, and yes, the time difference can be challenging, but it’s all worth it when July rolls around. Two words: free accommodation.

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4. The religious friend

While not all of your friends will have the same faith or belief system, it’s always interesting to keep a range of perspectives around. It stops us all thinking the same way and ensures that we can keep learning as we grow. I’d hate to be those people who grow up and their frame of reference just narrows and narrows.

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5. People who speak another language

This is a great skill to have in your back pocket for the aforementioned trips to the friend who has a house abroad. See how this is knitting together? Having a friend who still remembers their German or French lessons from high school will be a great asset in your European adventures.

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6. Plant people

guy with plant on balcony

People who know all about flower names are cute, first of all. It reminds me of my grandma, who could always name a flower at 10 paces without any pause. Plus, you can trust them to look after your wayward succulent when you go on that vacation.

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7. Quiet people

Ignore the haters – quiet people are where it’s at. They might come across as reserved or even boring at first, but once you break through that outer shell, you’ll find a whole world of depth and complexity that most people never get to see. These low-key types have layers, and peeling them back is half the fun. Plus, you always have some seriously fascinating conversations and experiences with them that go way beyond small talk.

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8. Funny people

People with jokes are great, and people who are unintentionally funny or clumsy are the best thing on earth. Give them a drink and a microphone and get the cameras out. Memories for the ages.

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9. Artists who need inspiration

This can include the writers, fine artists, tattooists, painters, and ceramics — as long as there’s vision, it’s art. This makes for fun friend date nights and activities that are much more interesting than a bog-standard movie-night. We love enrichment activities.

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10. Charismatic people

Charismatic people are the most compelling people to have in a group because they’ll always find a way of getting free stuff on a night out — including shots. They know exactly what they’re doing when they bat their eyes at the bartender — just let it happen and reap the rewards.

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11. Foodies

Cropped shot of a couple enjoying a meal together in the yard at home

These people will never not have a fabulous and aesthetically pleasing suggestion to try out. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner — and much more besides! They’re perfect to have on hand for ideas for dates, suggestions to use when your parents come into town, or opportunities to try new cuisines.

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12. Compassionate people


These people will always have your back because they know what it’s like to be on the outside. Emotional intelligence is a learned thing, and remaining close to people who are always growing will ensure that you’re always growing. Life’s too short to stand still.

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13. Couples

This will split people. Sometimes couples can come across as being too cuddly or annoying, and that can definitely be true at times. However, there’s something sweet about how they know each other so well, and it’s lovely to aspire to.

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14. Older people

Happy loving caucasian family with adult children standing together in nature on a sunny day. Happy senior couple posing outdoors with their daughter and son in law

I don’t mean that we find the local Boomers down the street and give them more airtime than they already have. Stop by your local old folk’s home and see if they want a day trip. It will make their day, and you’ll learn loads of wisdom from them.

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15. Friends with kids

These are good for about an hour at a time. It’s nice to be able to offer to help your friends and offer free childcare for an afternoon — plus, if all your group get in on it, you can split the workload effortlessly.

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