16 Struggles Sarcastic Women Face In The Dating World

The dating struggles of sarcastic women seem endless. We want to find love, too — we just have a slightly different approach to it.Unfortunately, a lot of guys don’t really get it, and it leads to a ton of challenges in the dating world.

No one has a sense of humor. 

You love a guy that can make you laugh. Too bad guys don’t get your sense of humor. You deliver a great line and you get nothing, except maybe a look of confusion or annoyance. Wow, so fun!

You think you’re hilarious, even if he doesn’t. 

The situation gets even worse when you can’t help but giggle. You know it’s hard to tell whether you’re being serious or sarcastic sometimes, so you laugh a little to help a guy out. Somehow, that only makes him want to end the night even earlier.

You get annoyed when they don’t get it. 

Yay! Another guy who doesn’t get you at all. After you fire a few quick-witted comments his way and get nothing in return, you start to get annoyed. You have a life too and dating a boring idiot is just a waste of time.

First dates scare off easily. 

He seems so excited at first. Fast forward about an hour and he’s already trying to end things early. Is there something in your teeth? You can’t help my biting wit sometimes. See what you did there? Poor little guys and their fragile little egos.

You can’t make yourself pretend to care.

You’ve got better things to do than pretend you care about offending someone. You thought by the time you’re in your 20s and 30s, you’d all have thicker skins. Why can’t guys just chill out?

Guys run when you call them out on their BS. 

With great sarcasm comes a great BS detector. It’s kind of like your second superpower. He can go ahead and brag about how big he is or how women can’t resist him. With each word, the will to leave grows stronger.

You can’t help it if you’re not smiling like an idiot. 

You hate small talk, but it’s part of dating, so you’re game. He just can’t expect you to smile like some idiot just to impress him. Your resting bitch face is all he’s getting unless he says something funny, charming, or otherwise interesting.

Guys just think you’re being a bitch. 

You know the face. All sarcastic women know that look. It’s the moment when he mistakes sarcasm for bitchiness. Yeah, instant dealbreaker.

You’re not a bitch, you’re creative. 

Do guys know how hard it is to come up with one sarcastic comeback after another? Sure, they set you up perfectly sometimes, but it takes a highly creative mind to be sarcastic. If they didn’t judge so soon, they might’ve gotten to see how creative you could really be.

Guys take things way too seriously. 

What happened to the days when you could liven up a conversation with sarcasm without everyone freaking out? You make an offhand comment about politics and suddenly your date goes off about how you’re the problem. Apparently, you’ve single-handedly ruined the country. Who knew?

You do sometimes say things without thinking. 

You can’t help it if your brain goes on auto-pilot sometimes. Of course, you can’t resist a great setup, either. You’ll admit you should probably keep some of yourremarks to myself at first, but why hide who you are?

Yes, you do have a hard time taking compliments. 

OK, so you love compliments, but he wouldn’t realize it. A guy tells you that you look great, so you tell him he must need glasses. It’s your sarcastic way of saying “thank you.”

You really don’t mean to be mean to him. 

You hate being looked at like you’re some horrible Disney villain. You’re not trying to be mean to him. In his head, you’re being funny or he’s annoyed you and you’re making sure he doesn’t ask for a second date. You guess too much sarcasm can ruin a good thing.

You just want him to play, too. 

This is one of the biggest dating struggles of sarcastic women. You’re being sarcastic so that he’ll be sarcastic, too. It’s like verbal foreplay. All you want is to see that he has a great sense of humor, too.

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