16 Ways To Show You’re Trustworthy Without Saying A Word

Trust is a relationship game-changer. It takes your connection to a higher level and it’s a great foundation for a stronger bond. Although you might think of what you can say to show people they can trust you, you actually don’t have to utter a word — no, really. Here are 16 ways you can show you’re trustworthy while keeping your mouth shut.

1. Make eye contact during conversation.

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An easy way to show people that they can trust you is by making eye contact while you’re chatting with them. If you look away a lot or can’t look them in the eyes, you’re telling them you’re shifty and they shouldn’t trust you. Don’t avert your gaze (but stop short of being creepy) and people will know you’re being straight-up.

2. Avoid fidgeting.

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Another way to show you’re trustworthy is to display calm, still body language. This exudes confidence, which people are drawn to. If, on the other hand, you’re tapping your foot, touching your hair every five seconds, or rubbing your arms, people might see you as dishonest.

3. Match your actions to previous words.

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One of the biggest ways to show you’re trustworthy is to keep your words and actions in sync. So, if you’ve promised a friend you’d attend their birthday party or give them a ride to the airport, follow through. Your word is your bond —  value it accordingly.

4. Keep secrets confidential.

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If someone’s confided in you about a secret, they’re giving you a chance to show that you’re trustworthy. Don’t blow it by gossiping about it to other people. Once trust is broken, it’s tough to get it back.

5. Give someone a warm smile.

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Smiling is a type of body language that instantly puts people at ease. It tells others that you’re empathetic and friendly, so they can approach you and talk to you without the fear of being criticized.

6. Keep your body language open.

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When spending time with others, you can encourage them to trust you more and open up to you by sitting with open body language. So, keep your arms at your sides and don’t fold them across your chest.

7. Show them that you’re listening.

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No one wants to feel like their words aren’t reaching those around them or that their feelings are being brushed off, so make an effort to show that you’re paying attention. You can do this by maintaining eye contact and nodding while they’re speaking.

8. Remember what people have said.

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You can show people they can rely on you by doing small deeds for them. For example, if your partner told you they love lattes, get them one before work. Or, if your friend said they needed help with finding laundry services, send them a list of companies in their area.

9. Leave a pause after they’ve spoken.

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You can show you’re listening and encourage people to open up to you by not jumping into the conversation with your opinions. Instead, count to 10 after someone has finished speaking before saying what’s on your mind.

10. Tilt your head during conversation.

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A good move when chatting to others is to tilt your head. Although showing confidence with your body language is good, this move is a sign that you’re making yourself a bit vulnerable, so people will feel like you’re trustworthy.

11. Open your palms.

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You should avoid keeping your palms clenched or your hands behind your back. Instead, try to be more mindful of your palms and keep them open. This is a clear sign of openness, which can make others feel like you’re not hiding anything.

12. Match their facial expressions.

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Mirroring is a technique you can use to show reciprocity and trust in your relationships. This is when you mirror others’ facial expressions, such as smiling when they smile or using the same vocal tone in which they’re speaking.

13. Use a glove handshake.

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Instead of a regular handshake that conveys confidence, a glove handshake is when you clasp the person’s hand with both of your hands. It’s a warm gesture that conveys a sense of friendship.

14. Use “like” or emojis if you can’t reply.

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If you can’t reply to someone’s text, instead of leaving them hanging, you should at least show that you’ve read their message and are reacting to it. Why? It shows consistency, which makes you trustworthy. So, react by “liking” their comment or using an emoji, like the heart or smiley-faced emoji.

15. Show up for those you care about.

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If you know someone is struggling with a difficult situation, being present is all you need to do to show that you’re supportive, and this will make them trust you. Even if you don’t know what to say, just your presence can be helpful to others.

16. Be punctual.

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Whenever you have to meet someone, be on time! It’s the simplest way to show that you respect them and they can trust you. By comparison, if you’re always running late, you’re displaying that you can’t be relied on to show up.

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