17 Characteristics Of Men Who Embrace Both Strength And Sensitivity

17 Characteristics Of Men Who Embrace Both Strength And Sensitivity

It is a long-standing myth that men can’t be both strong and sensitive, but that’s a load of nonsense. Just because a guy is strong doesn’t mean he’s not sensitive. Here are 17 characteristics of men who embrace both qualities in the modern world — they’re in touch with their feelings while also not letting their actions be defined by them.

1. They’re not afraid to say “no.”

Having both strength and sensitivity isn’t achieved by trying to do everything all at once. It’s about maintaining balance and a strong sense of principles. Men who are strong and sensitive allow themselves free time for looking after themselves and recharging their batteries.

2. They happily challenge you.

The best thing about spending time with someone new is that you both get to grow together. Having a man who can embrace both sides of life will mean that you can experiment like never before, stepping outside of your comfort zone through travel, food, and new opportunities.

3. They tell you when they need space.

Rather than bottle things up and think that there isn’t space for a man to be sensitive within a relationship, men who are in touch with their feelings will know that needing space is okay. This avoids unnecessary spats and gives you some time and space to yourself, too.

4. They’re not here to be yes-man.

I love the concept of a simp more than anyone, but a man who has blended his strong and sensitive sides will not be a limp figure traipsing adoringly after you. He’ll adore you, don’t get me wrong, but he’ll love you in an active way, not a passive way. That will include telling you when you’re wrong, whether you like it in the moment or not.

5. They’re very close with their families.

Men who are in touch with their sensitive sides are much more likely to have been brought up well and remain close with their families. It’s a great example of relationship-building to aspire to. You’ll never interrupt their weekly calls, and you’ll know you’ve made it when you score an invite to the family holiday.

6. They have a mixed bag of hobbies.

Men who aren’t scared to express their sensitive side tend to shirk some of the masculine expectations levied against them. This means that, although they may happen to like rugby, they tend to pursue more creative, adventurous hobbies involving being centered in the outside world rather than thumping each other on a muddy field.

7. They ask for your fashion and style advice.

two colleagues walking down the street

Men who want to feel strong and confident want to express that in their clothes and fashion, and they’re willing to put their egos aside. You love to be able to help them on their journey and can ask their advice in return.

8. They’ve taken real risks before.

Handsome hip ethnic young man.

Often, men who really understand their strength have challenged themselves in unexpected ways and continue to do so. Whether it’s traveling alone for a year to find themself, or learning how to be uncomfortable, they have a really strong understanding of what it means to be vulnerable. That’s what makes them seem so mature.

9. They’re courageous.

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Just because these men seem perfect now, doesn’t mean they didn’t have a big journey overcoming toxic masculinity when they were younger. By understanding it better and engaging with their feminine sides, sensitive men can embrace their strength without fear of seeming “less than.” It sets them apart for their courage.

10. They’ve struggled with mental health before.

man on couch covering head with palm

A common trait of a man who values both his sensitive side and strong side is that he has a history of mental health struggles. People who have to understand their own brains and put each of their thoughts under the microscope have a unique self-understanding, often with the support of therapy. They’re wise beyond their years.

11. They know strength isn’t just physical.

While men who are great at demonstrating sensitivity and strength will likely be good at setting habits such as going to the gym, they know that their real strength doesn’t lie in the circumference of their biceps. Men who are more sensitive will have a mature perspective on their bodies.

12. They know each value reinforces the other.

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Sensitivity and strength in their purest forms cannot exist without the other. Without sensitivity, strength is a crude, physical thing, and without the courage and boldness of strength, sensitivity would remain an insular, quiet feeling. Both traits encourage each other, and men who have both are extremely well-rounded.

13. They never start arguments.

Men who are sensitive will embrace conflict in a way that avoids an all-out argument. Although it might suck to have difficult conversations at the start, you will notice that they can manage and maintain relationships much better than their counterparts.

14. They communicate well.

Communication is the key to all remotely successful relationships. Men who possess a perfect blend of sensitivity and strength can balance these traits in their communication styles as well, contributing vulnerability as well as bravery and encouraging you to do the same.

15. They aren’t threatened by your success.

When two high performing partners start to size each other up in their respective careers, things can get a little competitive and resentful. However, when one party can bring some maturity and perspective to proceedings, this clears things right up. A man who is sensitive to your needs will remain strong in advocating for himself but it won’t stop him raising you up as a strong woman.

16. These men don’t need babying.

Merlin’s beard — what a thought! It’s great when two adults both have the strength and sensitivity to be able to support each other as equals. It’s the magic sauce to a good relationship.

17. They respect themselves and other people.

It’s as simple as it sounds – men who are sensitive and strong respect themselves. That is the essential foundation required to respect the people around them. Even if you don’t respect yourself yet, strong and sensitive men will help you get there.

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