20 Reasons To Stop Comparing Yourself To Other Women

As women, we’re always scrutinizing ourselves and each other. We compare our looks, our clothing, our bodies, our boyfriends, our jobs, our financial situation, and nearly everything else. But what you may not realize is that if you constantly compare, you’ll never be satisfied with what you have and you’ll just grow resentful, because there will ALWAYS be someone who seems to have it better than you. However, comparing yourself to other women is not the way to go.

The next time you find yourself staring at that girl in Starbucks who just has way nicer boobs, or the woman carrying two Gucci bags at the same time, stop yourself and remember:

  1. There’s always someone thinner than you. Or thicker. It’s not a competition. Bodies are beautiful regardless of size. Embrace yours. (And if you’re struggling, here are some body positivity quotes to help.)
  2. There’s always someone with better hair. They make a dye for that. Or a pair of scissors. You’re in control of your look.
  3. There’s always someone whose butt looks better in jeans. Sad, but true. Also, butt pads are a thing. Have you ever watched “Drag Race”?
  4. There’s always someone with better cleavage. Just rock what you have or get a push-up bra. They work wonders.
  5. There’s always someone who’s prettier. Beauty’s in the eye of the beholder, and your view is just as subjective as everyone else’s.
  6. There’s always someone who’s taller than you. Or shorter. Why does it matter? You’re not in control of your height more than anyone else is.
  7. There’s always someone with nicer eyes. That’s what mascara and false lashes are for. Colored contacts are also a thing, but they’re totally unnecessary.
  8. There’s always someone with straighter and whiter teeth. But that’s only because they suffered through braces as a youth and don’t have a coffee addiction.
  9. There’s always someone who seems to have more. You don’t know them, though, so it doesn’t mean they definitely have more.
  10. There’s always someone who has more money. But money can’t buy everything.
  11. There’s always someone who has a better job. All jobs suck, period.
  12. There’s always someone who has a better boyfriend. Maybe he has a really tiny penis. Or bad breath.
  13. There’s always someone with better skin. Concealer. And a lot of cucumbers.
  14. There’s always someone who seems luckier than you. Really, life is just one big coincidence.
  15. There’s always someone who seems happier. You don’t know if they really are, though.
  16. There’s always someone who has more friends. Do you really care about quantity?
  17. There’s always someone with a nicer apartment. IKEA has a lot of nice stuff for cheap.
  18. There’s always someone with a different skill set. If you wished you had another skill, what are you wasting your time here for?
  19. There’s always someone who knows more. But YOU know more about something they don’t. Guaranteed.
  20. There’s always someone who has it worse. And that’s why you should be happy about the parts of your life that aren’t complete crap. Comparing yourself to other women (or anyone else) is a trap and a waste of time. Don’t fall for it.
Chelsey is a freelance writer in NYC. She's pretty normal by today's standards, or at least that's what her mother tells her.