30 Traits Of A Sigma Female Personality You Need To Know

Are you a woman who doesn’t seem to fit the standard alpha or beta personality types? Don’t worry, you’re not a freak or a weirdo. In fact, it’s likely that you fall into a third category that’s more popular than you think but way less talked about. In other words, you might be a sigma female. Read on to find out what this means and the traits sigma women tend to have.

What is a sigma female?

While you’ve probably heard of alpha and beta personality types, a sigma female combines traits of both to form her own unique character. Whereas alphas can be too aggressive and overbearing and betas too passive, sigmas strike a happy balance between the two. She’s charming and has charisma to spare, but she’s not desperate for the spotlight. In fact, she’s content with flying under the radar and letting her actions speak for herself.

Generally speaking, a sigma female is very similar to a sigma male. To many people, this personality type is the ideal partner, friend, and colleague as it combines traits that makes them easy to get along with and pleasant to be around. That being said, their occasionally contradictory personality can be frustrating for those who don’t seek to understand them.

What are the traits of a sigma female?

  1. She’s extremely charismatic. People are drawn to her for reasons they can’t explain or even understand. There’s just something about her that’s so loveable and feels good to be around.
  2. She’s fiercely independent. She values her autonomy above most other things in life. She’s self-sufficient and doesn’t rely on anyone to meet her needs. Anything she needs, she can provide for herself.
  3. She can be intimidating to some people. While she’s actually super down-to-earth, her self-assuredness can sometimes be tough for some people to handle. That’s their issue.
  4. She’s introverted and needs time alone. She does have close friends and enjoy girls’ night, but her perfect night involves hanging out on her own. She loves her own company and finds it invigorating. It’s much easier to recharge on her own.
  5. She’s extremely open-minded and accepting. A sigma female knows that anything can happen in life, so she tries to refrain from getting too locked into a specific way of thinking or feeling. She’s also the opposite of judgmental and easily accepts all different types of people.
  6. She’s incredibly loyal. When you earn her loyalty, you’ve got it for life. All the people in her life are lucky to have such a strong, dedicated presence in their lives.
  7. She doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her. Regardless of societal norms, she’s cool standing out. Whether or not people “get” her or like her doesn’t bother her. As long as she can stand behind her own actions, she’s good.
  8. She’s a bit mysterious. She’s not easy to figure out because she’s so deep. While she’s not a closed book, she’s a complex one that takes time to read through.
  9. She thrives on taking on new challenges. She’s never satisfied with the status quo and is always looking for new and exciting experiences to take on. It makes her feel alive.
  10. She’s honest even when it would be easier to lie. She doesn’t believe in lying just to save face. She believes everyone deserves the respect that comes along with brutal honesty.
  11. She loves doing her own thing. She marches to the beat of her own drum, even if some people think she’s a little weird or out-there. A sigma female isn’t interested in blending in, though nothing she does is for the purpose of standing out.
  12. She hates unnecessary drama. She’s a grown woman and acts like it. She’s not interested in histrionics or drama for the sake of it. In fact, it’s a complete turn-off.
  13. She has high standards and refuses to settle. She knows her worth and she acts accordingly. While her standards are realistic, they’re also high. She won’t accept less than she deserves.
  14. She never stops trying to better herself. Nobody’s perfect and life is all about evolving. A sigma female knows this and always strives to keep growing and changing for the better.
  15. She’s not afraid to question authority. Just because someone in a position of power says something is right doesn’t mean it is. She’s brave enough to question that and call out inconsistencies.
  16. She’s completely self-sufficient. She pays her own bills and supports herself financially, mentally, spiritually, and every other way. She knows how to look after herself.
  17. She always keeps her word. If she says she’s going to do something or be somewhere, she does and is. She knows her word is her bond and she treats it that way.
  18. She’s a natural problem solver. She never feels helpless when presented with a tough situation. Instead, she immediately starts looking for ways to solve the issues at hand and springs into action.
  19. She knows how to stand up for herself. A sigma female will never be a doormat. She’ll always stand up for herself and plead her case.
  20. She’s stubborn and strong-willed. She won’t be beaten down easily. She doesn’t give up at the first sign of rejection and always goes after what she wants, no matter how impossible it might seem. It doesn’t matter if she gets 10 “no”s, she knows she only needs one “yes.”
  21. She says what she means and means what she says. She never pays lip service or says thinks she doesn’t mean to make people feel better. If words come out of a sigma female’s mouth, you can bet she’s telling the truth.
  22. She has high levels of emotional intelligence. She’s empathetic, compassionate, and understanding. Her high EQ comes in handy when dealing with other people.
  23. She takes adversity in her stride. She doesn’t allow tough times to beat her down or get the better of her. Instead, she adapts and overcomes.
  24. She hates gossip and bitchiniess. These things are a sign of shallowness and immaturity and she just doesn’t have time for it.
  25. She’s got academic and street smarts. She’s incredibly academically intelligent and well-read. However, she also has common sense to spare and knows how to navigate the world.
  26. She takes pride in being a lone wolf. She prefers to role solo in much of her life, and she likes it that way. She doesn’t find it embarrassing or sad. In fact, it’s empowering.
  27. She knows how to speak her mind and she does it regularly. If she has something to say, she does. She doesn’t mince words or simply go along with things she doesn’t agree with.
  28. She has a strong sense of self. She knows who she is and she won’t tame that for anyone. You don’t like it? Oh well! That’s not her problem.
  29. She’s flexible and adapts to change easily. Life is always throwing curveballs her way, but a sigma female rolls with the punches.
  30. She’s authentically and apologetically herself. It’s just that simple.

What are sigma females like in a relationship?

  1. She’s attracted to fellow sigmas or alpha personalities. She wants to be with someone who gets her and the way she operates. Who doesn’t? While it’s not impossible for a relationship between a sigma female and someone with a beta personality to work, it’s not as common of a pairing.
  2. She holds her partner to high standards. She holds herself to high standards and expects her partner to meet them too. She never asks for anything she’s not willing to give in return. However, she wants someone who will treat her with the respect, courtesy, and care she knows she deserves.
  3. She’s loyal and would never cheat. If she suddenly fell for someone else, she’d tell her partner right away. She doesn’t believe in being unfaithful and violating someone’s trust like that. It’s immature, cruel, and inappropriate.
  4. She fights for the person she loves and never gives up at the first hurdle. She doesn’t run at the first sign of trouble. She knows relationships take work and is willing to do what it takes to overcome any challenges. That being said, her partner has to be willing to pull their weight. She’s not about to carry the relationship on her own.
  5. She doesn’t tollerate lies or excuses. Being honest may be awkward or uncomfortable at times, but that’s life. A sigma female believes in complete and total honesty, sometimes to a brutal fault. She has a built-in BS detector and she’ll call it out when that alarm goes off.
  6. She takes a while to trust someone, but when she does, she goes all-in. She can be somewhat reserved at first, at least until she knows she can trust her partner. Once she does, she gives her whole heart. You’ll never have another partner like her.

Which is better, an alpha or sigma female?

There’s no actual answer to this because neither is better. All personality types are valid, unique, and interesting. And while each has its own pitfalls, that’s just being human. Nobody’s perfect and we all have things about ourselves we need to work on. That’s not down to whether you’re a sigma or an alpha female. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. You’re wonderful just as you are.

Jennifer Still is a writer and editor with more than 10 years of experience. The managing editor of Bolde, she has bylines in Vanity Fair, Business Insider, The New York Times, Glamour, Bon Appetit, and many more. You can follow her on Twitter @jenniferlstill