This 5 LB Bag Of Sour Patch Kids Is Calling Your Name, Admit It

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’m a sugar freak. I love candy in all its forms, but the chewy stuff is obviously the best. From Laffy Taffy to Jelly Belly and everything in between, I can’t get enough of the stuff. That’s why I lost my MIND when I discovered that you can get a 5 LB bag of Sour Patch Kids delivered right to your door.

That’s so many Sour Patch Kids! The company estimates there are about 75 pieces per pound, which means this bag holds a whopping 375 Sour Patch Kids for your sugary enjoyment. However, the bag itself claims there are 11 pieces per serving with 56 servings a bag, which means you actually get more than 616 pieces in a 5 LB bag. That’s a lot of candy!

What you do with all that sugar is up to you. You could be nice and share it with your colleagues, the kids you babysit (or your own kids), or your friends… or you can hog the whole bag and shove them in a handful at a time. I don’t have to tell you which I’ll be doing.

It’s full of all the classic flavors. If you love Sour Patch Kids, you’ll be glad to know this bag has all the flavors you’d find in the smaller bags. Frankly, they all pretty much taste the same to me, but WHATEVER because they’re all equally delicious!

You can even get single flavor bags. If the original Sour Patch Kids aren’t really your jam, you can buy 5 LB bags of watermelon flavored ones or 5 LB bags of the cherry ones. I love both of those as well but I feel like with the mixed flavors, I’m getting more bang for my buck. That’s likely all in my head, but let’s go with it.

They have a long shelf-life so you don’t have to eat them all at once. While one intrepid reviewer claimed to have blisters on their tongue from going through the entire 5 LB bag in three days, you certainly don’t need to do that (in fact, you probably shouldn’t). Keeping the package closed in an airtight container means they should last you up to a year. Whew.

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