5 Things You Absolutely Should NOT Do When a Guy is Blowing You Off

Okay, so you’re crushing on some guy but you haven’t heard from him in days. Whether he’s a guy you just met who said he would call, or someone you hooked up with who you haven’t heard from since, or the guy you’ve been dating who just doesn’t seem all that into you anymore, there are some things you absolutely shouldn’t do:

Give in to your crazy.

It’s a law of the universe that the more we can’t have something, the more intensely we want it. So it’s not surprising that the second a guy blows us off, we start thinking about him constantly. We’ve all been there. But you have to snap yourself out of it. How? It’s not rocket science. You just have to dig deep down, get in touch with that strongest part of yourself — that little voice in the back of your head that watches out for you and doesn’t take any crap — and talk yourself back to sanity. Remember: you do not fall apart over a guy who isn’t treating you well.

Stalk him like an animal.

Tracking him on Facebook like a grizzly bear in the woods might seem like a great use of your time when you’re obsessing but it’s not. Who cares what he’s doing and where he’s going? He’s not anyone. He’s just some guy who — don’t kill us for saying it — isn’t into you. And that means he’s not worth a second thought. Save your energy for a guy who deserves it.

Show your hand.

Texting a guy who’s blowing you off is the fastest way to send the message that you have no game. It’s not hot. And even worse — when he gets your text, he’ll know he has you and, if he’s a loser, he might just lead you on a bit and take advantage of you, wasting a colossal amount of your time and making it harder for you to trust. Bottom line: don’t text him. Go on with your life. You’ll soon meet a good guy who digs you. We promise this one won’t matter eventually.

Corner him.

So let’s say you manage not to text him but then bump into him at a party. No matter how much you might want to, don’t treat this as an opportunity to interrogate him or tell him what you think or feel. If anything, you should be using this as an opportunity to show him what little you care. No matter how cute or mellow you think you’re coming off, it’s aaawkwaard. So stick to the other side of the room and fake it til you make it: act like you’re not interested and you soon won’t be.

Give him more power than he’s worth.

Whenever you’re into someone and realize they’re not into you, it SUCKS. But that’s just how it goes when it comes to dating — you’re going to have a lot of misses before you meet the guy who changes your life. It’s really not a big deal. So don’t give the guys who don’t work too much thought. Save your focus and attention for the guys who treat you well, not badly.

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