6 Signs You’re The Crazy Girl

6 Signs You’re The Crazy Girl ©iStock/stock_colors

You may have gone your entire life thinking you were completely normal until that one dreaded ex-boyfriend uttered the words “you’re crazy!” Was he right? Here are some signs that, sadly, he was:

  1. You always find something to bitch about when everything is actually awesome. There’s nothing more annoying than the girl that’s always looking for the negative when, in fact, everything is just fine. Relax, relate and release. Everything is really ok.
  2. The moment he doesn’t respond to your text or call right away, you go into obsession mode.  Girlfriend, get a grip! The second he doesn’t respond to your text or call right away you momentarily lose your mind as if the world has ended and for those long five minutes you talk to yourself and wonder what you’ve done wrong. Honey, it’s not that serious.
  3. You are the Queen B of accusations.  Just because he wants to spend a little extra time with his friends doesn’t mean he’s avoiding you — it actually might be a nice way of him saying he needs some space and that’s perfectly ok.
  4. Your insecurity is exhausting.  Everyone is a little insecure but you’re the one that takes it too far, like constantly comparing yourself to your boyfriends ex. Stop it.
  5. Miss Misery.  Ah, you’ve heard the saying, “misery loves company” and, my dear, that’s exactly what you’ve become. You have a great family, great friends and a significant other who loves you, but it’s still not enough to stop you from being miserable. No one wants to be with that girl, do with that info what you may.
  6. You’re a social media stalker. What’s the point of having a relationship with someone you can’t trust? If you’re the girl refreshing your guy’s Facebook page and his friend’s pages multiple times a day, you’re a stage five clinger. Don’t be her.
  7. Drama.Drama.Drama. When you’re not in the middle of drama, you pretty much don’t know what to do with yourself so you go searching for it. You live for the thrill of arguing with people and you may not even realize it. If you’re the girl who’s always in a disagreement with someone, somewhere, take a look in the mirror — you’ve found the problem.
Mia Hall is a writer living in Washington D.C. You can read more of her stuff at about.me/miafieldshall.