69 Sex Position: 4 Variations To Get The Most Out Of The Move

Admittedly, 69ing isn’t necessarily the most popular choice when it comes to intimacy. Not everyone is into the idea of mutual cunnilingus, but if you are down (pun totally intended) for being eaten out while giving your partner a bit of oral pleasure, it’s well worth the effort. You might assume that there’s not much you can do with this move, but there are some solid variations on the 69 sex position that will make it even hotter.

Pillow pals

This isn’t so much a variation on the 69 sex position as it is a helpful tip. Admittedly, sometimes burying your faces in each other’s genitals isn’t all that comfortable physically speaking. That’s where using a pillow can come in handy. If you’re doing it standard, with one person lying on the bed while the other sort of holds themself up above them, prop the bottom person’s hips up with a pillow. This means the person on top has a little less to lean down, which can really help with neck aches.

Upside down

If you or your partner have bad knees, kneeling above one another while you go to town on their private parts can be a painful experience. That’s where this variation comes in. It’s a standard form of 69ing, but instead of having to be on all fours above your partner, you stand up while they lie beneath you. One partner needs to be lying on the bed with their head just coming off the end, while the other sort of straddles their head and leans over to do their part. The standing partner can even wrap their arms around the reclining partner’s thighs, giving them more purchase to pull the other person closer to their mouth.

Side by side

Lazy sex lovers unite! This is a super chill variation on the 69 sex position because it requires the least possible effort. It’s exactly what it sounds like, too: you lie next to each other, facing one another top to tail, and go down on each other from a reclining position. If you’ve ever done 69ing, chances are you’ve tried it this way and you probably love it (for good reason).

The yoga stretch

If you or your partner is particularly bendy, this is a good thing to try. One person crouches on their knees on the ground while the other stands facing away from them in front of their face and bends over in a forward bend. That means the crouching partner can pleasure the standing one from behind, while the partner bending over can go to town by stretching between their legs and reaching the crouching partner. Admittedly, this one is probably easiest done with heterosexual couples or even gay men, as ladies (except the particularly flexible) might have trouble reaching one another’s bits.

It’s possible that you’ll never be someone who thinks, “Hey, I love to 69!” and that’s okay. However, if you or your partner enjoy oral sex and want to give this a try, hopefully the above variations provide you with a bit of inspiration.

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