7 Signs He Doesn’t Want To Break Up Even Though Things Are Hard Right Now

Every relationship reaches a point where the couple will question whether or not they are meant to be together. The ups and downs can make or break a relationship, and it’s important to remember that although you may be insecure about the troubles you and your partner experience, you can still work it out together. Sometimes it can worth it to stick together and communicate about your issues. Here’s how you can tell that he doesn’t want to break up with you even though things are hard.

He’s open to talking it out.

One of the best signs of a dedicated partner is that they’re willing to communicate. As many dating gurus will say, communication is often the key to a healthy relationship. You will be able to tell that your partner cares if he wants to discuss your issues and faults no matter how hard it may be. While no one likes to admit that their relationship isn’t perfect, a good partner will confide in you when he feels there’s something to work through.

He continues to respect the boundaries you set.

No matter what your relationship is going through, it’s important that your partner continue to respect the boundaries you’ve set in the relationship. Sometimes those boundaries will change depending on the situation, the argument, or the hardship. If your boyfriend respects these lines, whether they be physical or emotional, it’s a good sign that he cares enough to give you the space you need to sort through your feelings and work on healing.

He openly admits his faults.

A man who can hold his hands up when he’s wrong is a man who wants to stay. Someone who’s self-aware and communicates about his issues is often someone who’s trying to be healthy for the relationship and wants to make things work. Acknowledgment shows that your partner is willing to be open and honest with you at all times. These traits will ultimately begin the path to closeness and intimacy that every relationship needs after a struggle or hardship.

He is willing to seek help.

Whether your partner has cheated, gambled, had an addiction, or struggles with something that is ultimately harmful to you and to your relationship, a good sign that your partner is willing to stay is if he seeks help. That may mean counseling or therapy, group meetings, or consistent mindfulness and self-care. Whatever the treatment, your partner has expressed maturity and is willing to be better for you and your relationship. This is a good sign that he wants to stay with you for a long time.

He takes the initiative in your relationship.

Sometimes couples experience hardships when it feels like one partner cares more than the other. This can cause insecurity or anger that often results in the couple breaking up. If this issue is currently the case, expressing your feelings and worries to your partner is pivotal. If he responds to this in a healthy and honest way without anger or resentment, it’s also a good sign. Seeing your partner take initiative to plan dates, open up more, or do more work in the relationship will tell all you need to know about your partner’s willingness to stay with you.

He’s willing to change.

Though it’s good to be self-aware, sometimes it isn’t enough. To really work through hardships it’s important to know when to change something about yourself. If your partner not only says he’ll change but takes the necessary actions to change, then he doesn’t want things to end. His actions will speak louder than his words, and he’ll prove to you that he wants to be stronger and stay together. If your partner says he’ll change, but doesn’t this may be a sign that he isn’t as serious about your relationship as you may have thought.

He still expresses desire.

When going through hard times, it is often easy to doubt that your partner really loves you or finds you attractive. If your boyfriend continues to tell you that he loves you and desires you, this is a good sign that he wants to continue your relationship. If the compliments or expressions of love stop, it may be time to rethink your status as a couple. Continuous encouragement and acts of physical affection will tell you that he still wants you.

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