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8 Signs You’re Hotter Than You Realize

Too many of us go through life not seeing ourselves clearly. In a society that dictates what’s beautiful and what isn’t, trying to see both our inner and outer beauty can often feel impossible. The truth is that you’re probably so much hotter than you give yourself credit for—here’s how you know for sure.

People pay attention to you when you talk.

While hotness can definitely be attributed to the exterior, it also comes from the inside too. While some people may talk and talk and talk, hoping someone will give them the time of day and actually listen, you never have that problem. No matter what you say, people tune in, linger on your every word, and don’t turn their attention away. Hell, even when you’re done speaking, you still have the crowd paying attention and waiting for more.

You get more compliments than most.

Compliments can be tricky—no one wants to compliment a woman too much, especially on her looks—when someone is naturally hot, it’s hard for others not to notice. This also means it’s hard for people not to say something. Perfect example: “You have hair like a mermaid!” Great compliment that you’ve probably received and not one that’s likely to give you the creeps.

You constantly have someone trying to woo you.

Whether it’s people trying to get with you romantically or women just trying to be your friend, you never have a shortage of admirers. In fact, you’re so hot that you might even have straight women looking at you in ways they’ve never looked at a woman before (you know, the way we all look at Ruby Rose, no matter our gender or sexual identity).

Free drinks come your way every time you’re out.

If you’re wondering why you haven’t had to pay for a drink pretty much ever, the answer is pretty damn obvious: You. Are. Hot. You’re so hot that you’re practically on fire. Because of this, even if you don’t notice it happening, every time you walk into a bar or restaurant, both men and women reach into their wallets and get ready to buy you a drink. You’re so hot that you bewitch them all.

People assume your life is perfect.

One of the downsides about being hot is that people automatically assume your life is flawless and wonderful 24/7. While that’s great if you want to keep up the façade of a false reality (as most people tend to do on social media), what can suck about this assumption is how people react when you do have a problem. Some people, even your friends, might not take it as seriously as they should because, well, you’re hot.

You get second glances.

Actually, you don’t just get second glances but third and fourth glances too. People may even walk into lamp posts and glass doors or trip over curbs when they see you. It’s not that you bring bad luck to those around you whenever you’re out and about, it’s just that your looks are so distracting that people have a really hard time not hurting themselves in your presence because you just radiate hotness.

Your dating apps are overflowing with likes.

While the rest of the world sulks and swears off dating apps on a daily basis, you have no such problem. On the contrary, your major problem when it comes to dating apps is trying to narrow down who you’re willing to make time for because you have a whole boatload of options. This isn’t to suggest that every date you go on will be a winner and falling in love is easy for you, but the more opportunities you have, the better the chance that you’ll hit the jackpot a lot faster than those people who get only one or two dating app matches a week.

You don’t have to try hard to get what you want.

As we all know, with great power comes great responsibility and the same can be said about hot people. In being so stunning, you don’t have to try too hard to get all the things you want in life, no matter how big or how small. While this is great for you—and now you have an explanation as to why everything goes your way—it’s important to not take this gift for granted. The majority of people will live their entire lives and never know the joy and satisfaction that comes with getting what they want at all, let alone all the time. So relish in it; don’t dismiss it. More than anything else, never forget that looks are only skin-deep, so you’d better have the heart and soul to match.

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