80s Rom Coms That Stand The Test Of Time

If you want a feel-good moment allow me to direct you to a full roster of 80’s rom coms that really stand the test of time. These 13 films demonstrate the best that humanity has to offer and show why rom coms are enduringly popular.

Sixteen Candles This is probably the most well-known Brat Pack film of the 80s. Molly Ringwold plays a young and confused teenager who is just starting to figure out how the world works. The film details a series of hijinks, fake dating, and attention from the well-meaning nerds. It’s a classic coming-of-age romp and really stands the test of time.

When Harry Met Sally It was the eternal “wrong place wrong time” long con and didn’t rely on love at first sight. Both individuals met each other right in the middle and were right for each other all along. They realized how they felt about each other slowly, over time while having lots of different relationships too! It was realistic, which is part of what made it so magical.

Pretty in Pink It’s Molly Ringwald again. It details the poor outcast suddenly being brought into a foreign world when she starts dating the wealthy, popular guy from across town. It’s more socially aware than you would think and a must-watch for anyone in need of a nostalgic moment.

Grease 2 Ah, Greece 2. Yes, it was trash but sometimes things are so bad that they’re good again. The songs were fun and have all the iconic blueprints that made Grease so good. You have a classic tale of the outsider coming in and struggling to fit in at school when everyone else seems to have it sorted. Who can’t relate?

The Breakfast Club This is iconic. It introduced a way of categorizing cliches and cliques in high school. It told us to mix with other people and that people have a lot in common, despite what they look like. All this while still having one of the most iconic soundtracks and final scenes in any film, anywhere. You must watch th

Heathers Heathers was and always will be a darkly funny – but threatening – insight into school shooter territory. It’s hilarious and disarming, but it doesn’t pull any punches. Our protagonist survives but the school goes up in flames. Unlike other rom coms, it has a plot that stands on its own two feet.

Risky Business Risky Business opens up a world of Holden Caulfield-inspired renegade teenage sexualization. Tom Cruise undertakes a novel way of making money off of his local prostitute and briefly becomes a pimp with his friends. All in a day’s work, I suppose! A fun romp, but maybe not one for the parents.

The Princess Bride This is a pop-culture cult classic from head to toe, and when it comes to 80’s rom coms, this is easily at the top of the list. I can’t sum up all that this film encapsulates in a few sentences, but in my opinion, it redefined the humor in the period. It tells the story of an unlikely pair undertaking a fairytale journey as two lovers make their way back to each other. Sprinkle in a few snarky comments and funny asides, and you have a piece of art.

Dirty Dancing Here we see Daddy’s little girl meeting the big scary outside world at summer camp. She meets the broody dancer and carries a few watermelons as they bristle with chemistry. But, when she stumbles across a woman soliciting an abortion, the film quickly switches tones. It’s a film that will surprise you.

Big Tom Hanks is at his best as this film follows young Josh as he accidentally becomes a grown-up version of himself. That’s what he gets for making a wish at a carnival. Eventually, we all want to go back to when we were young, and Josh realizes this too after a few forays into adult Romance.

Working Girl This had a lot of heart and politics behind it that blows most other comedies out of the water. This is a piece of work that shows us how to enjoy the funny side of life, and the cute side, as well as teaching us how to stand up for ourselves in the corporate environment. Tess, the resolute stockbroker’s secretary tries to keep up with corporate shenanigans when people steal her ideas and men catch her eye. It’s really fun.

Say Anything You might not know it, but you do know this film. The boombox on the shoulders? Yep, that’s here. This is a wholesome film that more than earns its iconic reputation, detailing young love and earnest high schoolers to a tee.

Broadcast News You could be forgiven for not knowing this like you know the other Rom-Coms. But you should. It tells the importance of journalists and moral truth. The romance is woven in through the characters of Jane, Tom, and Aaron. This is a sparkling film with lots of role models. I really recommend it and it stands the test of time.

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