9 Reasons Winecream Is The Boozy Dessert You Never Knew You Needed

9 Reasons Winecream Is The Boozy Dessert You Never Knew You Needed ©iStock/AZarubaika

I scream, you scream, we all scream for… Winecream? Yes, Winecream. Before I go any further, no, this isn’t a sponsored post in any way, unless you count my love of wine and frozen dairy a sponsor. The wine and ice cream combo was created by the Crossroad Company in Baltimore, MD and it’s been flying off the shelves down there. Unfortunately, they’re only doing local deliveries for now, and while they’re hoping to expand nationwide at some point, we’ll just have to settle for dreaming about their boozy concoctions until then. I know, my heart is broken, too. After all, it’s the perfect dessert, right?

  1. It’s the perfect wallowing treat. When I wallow, I normally gravitate towards ice cream and alcohol, and you probably do the same. We want to enjoy the best creations of life while bemoaning the fact that life sucks sometimes. Winecream can make that dream come true, which will likely save us some cash and make us feel not so awful about overindulging.
  2. Ice cream is the ultimate snack of summer, and wine is the ultimate snack of always. The only thing we might do differently in the summertime is make sure it’s perfectly chilled, especially if we’re drinking it outside. Hell, some people just put ice cubes in their wine glasses. With Winecream, that kind of effort is already taken care of.
  3. Each pint packs an impressive amount of alcohol. It’s 10% alcohol by volume, which is pretty nuts. So, it’s not just ice cream that tastes like wine — it’s ice cream that’ll give you the same tipsy effect as wine. It’s kind of like a more delicious, less complicated version of alcoholic gummy bears.
  4. Winecream contains actual fruit, so you can feel kinda-sorta healthy. If you love saying that the lettuce in your burger is totally the same as eating vegetables, you can do the same exact thing with Winecream. (And by the way, everyone gives themselves a pat on the back for eating the lettuce. We might not voice it, but we’re thinking it.) For example, their mixed berry flavor includes sliced strawberries and whole blueberries, along with blueberry puree… and plenty of wine. Did I mention wine?
  5. It’s the “adult” version of going out for ice cream. Listen, if my local ice cream shop had a fanclub, I’d likely campaign to be their secretary (it’s less responsibility than being president, so I’m trying to be as honest as possible with you). Frozen treats are amazing, but there’s also a certain vibe about going out for a scoop, especially if that’s the type of thing you did back in middle school, before you had a drivers license. Winecream is like the perfect in-between of childhood ice cream memories and panicked, irresponsible college-aged club nights. Welcome to adulthood.
  6. It feels good to support small, family-owned companies. It warms your heart. Companies like this kinda-sorta give it their all and make sacrifices to start up a company that they truly believe in. This company started out, in their words, “after a day of family togetherness that involved lots of wine and ice cream.” With that sentence alone, you have to love them already. Take my money already, Crossroad!
  7. It’s created by science. A lot of foods are created by science, but the fact that Crossroad Company doesn’t just pump this stuff out of an ice cream maker they got from Williams Sonoma is pretty inspiring. The ice cream is pre-mixed, and then blasted with liquid nitrogen, making it flash frozen to order — each order takes approximately a minute to make. If you catch these guys at a festival giving out their product, it’s kind of like you’re paying for both dessert and a show. Liquid nitrogen will never not be cool.
  8. It’s been proven that ice cream boosts happiness. Neuroscientists at the Institute of Psychiatry in London found that eating ice cream immediately awakens the pleasure center of your brain. An imaging machine actually found out that ice cream really made blood flow increase to these areas. Cool, huh?
  9. Let’s face it — wine and ice cream are probably already on your grocery list. As they should be. And hey, pouring wine all over your bowl of mint chocolate chip is just gross, and a sign that you might have already had too much wine. Let the professionals take care of this, and prove how excellent this combo can really be.
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