9 Signs He’s Not That Into You But Doesn’t Want To Hurt Your Feelings

But it doesn’t mean it gets easier as time goes on. Sometimes you’re dating someone really nice but the spark just isn’t there. If you feel like this might describe your current boyfriend or current crush, here are a few telltale signs he’s too nice to tell you he’s not interested.

He’s not sure when your anniversary is.

There was no specific day he asked to be your boyfriend—you both just kinda assumed it after spending enough time together. It’s possible you may have even been a little wary using the title since things seemed so up in the air. If he hasn’t sat down to actually establish what day you’ll be celebrating, he’s probably not all that into you.

He comments about how well you get along with his best friend.

If he’s trying to pawn you off on a buddy, it means he’s literally hoping you figure out that you like someone more than him. Guys don’t normally talk about the great chemistry you have with their best friend without a little jealousy, so if he seems to almost push the two of you to hang out more, he has his fingers crossed that you’re putting the pieces together.

He doesn’t respond to your texts.

He ghosts, kind of, but he always comes up with a reason for it. That’s because he just doesn’t see you as a priority—and if he’s never told you he’s your boyfriend, he has all right to do that. He’s just hoping you take the hint.

If you talk about anything sexual, he laughs or gets uncomfortable.

It’s important to know that just like women, men have varied sex drives. They don’t want to have sex all the time like the media often portrays. But if he’s almost embarrassed when you bring something sexual up or doesn’t have a response to it, don’t proceed any further. He doesn’t see you in that sort of way. If you’ve been dating him and he’s constantly avoiding the topic, that’s even sketchier.

When you hang out one-on-one, he mentions other girls.

He likes your company but is hoping that you’ll get the point that this isn’t a date. He definitely thinks you might assume this based on the act of going out together as a duo but he’s trying to make sure you know he’s not attracted to you.

If you are dating, every conversation about marriage is shot down.

He never seems to know what he wants, but if he can’t even fathom the idea of being with you forever, might as well cut him out now and let him move on. Don’t be surprised if he rushes into marriage with the next girl. It’s not that he’s against marriage, he was just against marriage to you.

He really doesn’t want to be your wedding date.

If it’s a new relationship or you’re just asking because you have a crush on him, he’s not into it. A refusal from your legit boyfriend means he knows in his heart that this probably won’t last too long, thus he doesn’t want to meet your family and friends. If he’s a crush, he doesn’t want people coming up to him to say you make a cute couple. Weddings are fun, especially the free food and booze. Any excuse he makes to ditch the event is something you should think long and hard about.

He forgets little details about you.

It seems like you always have to remind him about things. Even if he claims he has a bad memory, it’s probably just because he’s been tuning you out. For some reason, you never grab his full attention. Just know that there is someone else out there who’ll make sure they’re paying attention to everything you say, or at least acknowledge that you said it at one point.

When you ask him to do something, he says “maybe another time.”

It could be taking a vacation together, or going on a drive, or even just going out to a fancy dinner. Everything you suggest, he openly shuts down. That’s because, in his eyes, these events aren’t fun for him. Don’t let him ruin your desire to make the most out of life. He’s just not that into you, but the next guy will be thrilled to take you out.

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