9 Texts You Wake Up To When You Decide To Stay In

Occasionally, you need to pass on an epic show or party to catch up on some much needed R&R. If you’re usually up for anything and are the life of the party, you can count on your friends to completely not respect your decision and harass you all night. Since you’re smart and shut your ringer off, here are the 9 types of texts you’ll wake up after you decided to stay in for the night:

The psycho text.

This chain of 30 texts from the same person is a nightmare to wake up to. They tend to rotate between normal, jealous, and crazy, and get progressively weirder as the night goes on. As you find yourself thinking “What the actual hell?!” while reading them the next morning, remember blocking is always an option!

The desperate text.

This could be from a friend who doesn’t feel comfortable without you or a guy who really wants to see you. Either way, they are desperately trying to get you to come out. Expect to wake up to offers to pay for your Uber, drinks, AND treat you to Taco Bell after last call.

The incoherent text.

You’re friends got too drunk for the simple task of texting. You’re messages read “kiifuh8” “iijj” “iijj”. You should probably check up on this person and make sure they got home OK.

The pics of my 3 am food text.

Just in case you were curious what it would look like if you ordered everything on the Denny’s menu.

The booty text.

Someone’s definitely out there thinking about you. Whether it’s an ex or just a dude that’s into you, someone has the crazy idea that you are both awake AND totally up for having company swing through.

The random insult text.

Talking about how they wished you were there somehow turned into talking crap after fuzzy navel shots. And the tequila shots after that gave someone the courage to text you about it.

The bragging text.

You’re missing out! They got VIP and free shots and YOU’LL NEVER GUESS WHO’S HERE. You totally should have come out tonight.

The bathroom pics text.

You’re friends have hit the limit of appropriate number of bathroom selfies to post on social media, but they have a few more they look hot in. Anticipate them ending up in your inbox.

The “please don’t listen to that voicemail I accidentally left you” text.

If you’ve ever looked down at your phone to the horrifying realization that you’re in the process of leaving someone you acidialed a 3 minute voicemail, you’ve probably sent this text too. Only god knows what horrifyingly embarrassing things came out of your mouth of that extended period of time. But, let’s be serious. We’re going to listen to that voicemail if it’s from anyone we care about.

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