9 Things Your Friends Really Don’t Need To Know About Your Boyfriend

9 Things Your Friends Really Don’t Need To Know About Your Boyfriend ©iStock/Wavebreakmedia

Undoubtedly some of the best venting sessions about your guy happen when you are spending time with your girls, but your friends don’t really need to know everything about your boyfriend. Here are a few things that might be best kept just between the two of you:

  1. His financial situation. There’s absolutely zero reason your friends need to know how much money your boyfriend makes, or doesn’t make. If he  makes a decent living and you can’t stop bragging about how much money he makes, you might look like a bit of a gold digger. If you can’t stop complaining about how broke he is, they won’t respect him. This really doesn’t warrant discussion.
  2. His weird or embarrassing habits. Unless you want your friends to never be able to look at your partner the same, don’t tell them the weird stuff he does. They don’t need to know that he pees sitting down or secretly collects Pokemon cards. Some stuff is totally harmless and probably pretty funny, but keep the freaky stuff behind closed doors.
  3. Details about your sex life. Nobody cares how big or small his penis is or how good he is in bed, and the minute you tell your girls about his big penis, what else are they going to be able to think about or stare at the next time they see him?
  4. Anything he tells you in confidence. There are some things that your boyfriend tells you that he expects you to keep private. Anything that seems too personal or that he asks you not to tell anyone, it’s probably best to stay quiet on.
  5. Every time he hurts your feelings. If all you do is complain about your boyfriend and talk about the arguments you keep having, it may be difficult for your friends to see him as a good guy or stop wondering why you’re still together.
  6. How absolutely, undeniably perfect he is. Gross. First of all, your boyfriend isn’t perfect. Second, nobody wants to hear you gush over him all the time. There’s nothing more obnoxious than a woman who won’t stop talking about how great her relationship and boyfriend are. We get it.
  7. Anything you haven’t already talked to him about. Whether it’s a complaint about your relationship or something important in your own life, don’t tell your friends first. He shouldn’t hear from somebody else that you’re annoyed with him or that you got that promotion at work.
  8. That he cheated on you. If he was unfaithful, but you’ve decided to stick it out and try to make things work, then don’t tell your friends about it. They may never be able to forgive him and they may make it harder for your relationship to be successful by continually bringing up how much he hurt you.
  9. That you’re getting married if he hasn’t put a ring on it yet. If he hasn’t asked you to marry him, then don’t tell everyone you’re getting married or that he’s your future husband. It makes you look desperate and might put a lot of pressure on him to pop the question. Even worse, it may scare him off.